Professional Athletic Equipment Storage

From the equipment room to the front office, every pro sports team needs to stay organized and secure. See how we help teams streamline workflows and improve organization when storing training equipment, practice gear, uniforms, and more. And we go beyond athletic equipment rooms to provide compact and secure storage for merchandise, maintenance, confidential files, and team memorabilia.

Sports Equipment Storage

We work with the equipment managers for professional sports teams to design the best athletic equipment storage solutions on the market today. Our high-density storage systems streamline processes and keep gear organized and protected for these teams and many more.

A comprehensive look at athletic equipment storage solutions.

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hockey team equipment room space planning


This hockey team remodeled the locker room area and storage room to fit all their equipment into a smaller space. A combination of Spacesaver systems, including high-density storage, allows equipment managers to quickly and easily retrieve and replace uniforms and equipment.

professional team game day uniform storage

hockey stick equipment storage


Professional basketball teams need compact storage for uniforms, balls, equipment, and apparel. Your local Spacesaver distributor can design high-density systems and even brand the sides with your team’s name and logo.

basketball equipment storage systems

basketball equipment storage

professional basketball equipment room storage


Big league baseball teams need storage for bats, balls, gloves, uniforms, and a variety of other gear. Spacesaver can even design “mirrored” systems at your home ballpark and your spring training facility to streamline the process of moving equipment between the two locations.

professional baseball helmet equipment storage

baseball bat equipment room organize

baseball stadium equipment room game day storage


Football gear is notorious for being bulky and difficult to manage. We help professional football teams store and organize pads, helmets, jerseys, and other equipment.

football equipment room compact storage system

football helmet equipment storage solutions

football equipment hanging bar uniform storage

pro football team equipment room design

football game day hanging apparell

football equipment room inventory storage

Other Storage Areas for Sports Organizations

A team’s success doesn’t only rely on the players and coaches. It takes a lot of people–along with smart storage–to make operations run smoothly.

Confidential File Storage

Many teams have office space in or near the stadium. This NFL team had been storing confidential records in large wire cages at the stadium, but the team needed to free up space to expand their office area. Management called in the local Spacesaver consultant to figure out how to compactly store record boxes and files while also providing convenient access to confidential files.

nfl secure football storage equipment

sports team historic archive collection

professional sports team hall of fame artifact storage

Team Archives

This baseball team installed a Spacesaver system in a secure room to store historically significant memorabilia, including home plates from championship games, jerseys, and other items.

sports arena office design

professional sports team office design

Front Office

This team’s front office staff works in an open office environment, which created the demand for places to stash gym bags, coats, and rainboots. The locker alcoves on each floor were designed to be an extension of the brand.

Retail Shops

Modern sports venues are often home to more than one team, which means that an arena might host a basketball game one night and a hockey game the next. That’s the case at the United Center in Chicago, which is home to the Bulls basketball team and the Blackhawks hockey team, and which hosts more than 80 games every season, along with concerts and
other events.

Spacesaver high-density storage systems keep merchandise organized so staff can quickly store and re-stock different items for different events.

stadium retail shop storage

professional sports team retail shop inventory

professional sports team maintenance laundry

Maintenance and Laundry

High-density systems are perfect for tool rooms, supply rooms, and laundry areas, along with any other space that has large quantities of items that need to be accessible and organized. Spacesaver systems are designed save space and optimize convenience and efficiency.

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