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Going Beyond Game Day

Year-Round Protection & Organization for Your Athletic Gear

From the rec center to the stadium, supplying the right gear for activity is crucial to ensure safe and enjoyable use by all participants. Simply put, gear is expensive. Colleges all over the country are continually looking for the best ways to protect their investment and keep it organized so they can focus on recruiting and developing athletes, rather than searching for supplies and equipment.

No matter the size of your athletics department or the current state of your equipment storage solutions, Spacesaver’s athletic storage experts can help your program stay organized without breaking your budget. We’ll build a system focused on securing and supporting the valuable and highly demanded gear you’re storing now, that is versatile enough to adapt as your needs change in the future.

Creating Cohesion for All Divisions

Storage Systems that Take Teams to New Levels

While there are many distinctions when it comes to the category or conference your school’s athletic program falls in, there’s one clear and unified goal for all involved parties – be the last team standing when the clock runs out. Though this moment culminates in the arena and is facilitated on the practice field, it all begins with the systems employed in your equipment room.

Much like the contests your dedicated students participate in, time management is a major consideration for the success of your equipment rooms. Time spent searching for missing or misplaced pieces of equipment is time that could have been spent fine-tuning your players and game plan for the next contest. Our versatile high-density mobile storage systems allow you to more efficiently store and locate the equipment your teams need, and store more of it in the same amount of space required for static shelving.

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Call On The Experts

You expect the highest performance from everyone on your team, and so do we. Here’s how we help find the right solutions for your space:

We work with equipment managers, athletic directors, and coaches to understand what they need to store.
We design equipment room layouts that make the best use of space and optimize staff workflows.
We help choose accessories to make sure everything has its place.
Our local, factory-certified crews install your systems, train your staff, and take care of service calls.

Delivering The Best Result

Your storage system should reflect success inside and out. See how our solutions can help you:

custom reconfigurable shelving with secure drawers
Protect gear by providing a storage solution designed for each unique item’s needs.
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Impress recruits by displaying your school’s pride and legacy front and center.
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Improve staff efficiency by strategically storing materials for increased accessibility.
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Boost team pride by offering a constant reminder of what they are a part of.

Support for All Sorts of Sports

Outfitting Athletes of All Abilities

While the visible examples of athletic storage typically are represented in your school’s football or other intercollegiate teams, some of the most rewarding athletic endeavors for your student body don’t require competitors from another institution. Whether you’re equipping an intermural matchup or renting gear for a friendly competition, having the capacity to provide an athletic outlet for all your students can deliver lasting results for your school and its reputation among prospective students.

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By utilizing versatile solutions like our Mechanical-Assist High-Density Mobile Storage Systems, campuses of all sizes can store more opportunities for their students in less space. For added functionality, pair your High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems with our Flexible Shelving units, allowing materials to be securely stored and easily transported from your athletic storage space to the playing field.

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Focusing on Health & Safety

Scheduled or spur of the moment, fitting in a quick workout or making it on time to a competition can be a difficult task to accomplish for college students pursuing their respective degrees. Spacesaver provides a wide range of day use and personal storage lockers to deliver a secure, temporary storage option for personal belongings so their owners can focus on enjoying their athletic activity.

When a more custom approach is needed for your student-athletes, our team of designers is ready for the challenge. See how we were able to help boost the performance of an already established dynasty, by delivering lockers that fit the specific needs of their athletes and the specialized equipment required for them to function at a championship level.

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