Are Spacesaver moving shelves safe? 

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Are Spacesaver moving shelves safe?

Yes! Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving systems are used at thousands of facilities throughout North America and around the world. We’ve been leading the way in safety innovations for nearly fifty years. This article explains the safety options on our powered mobile systems.

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving systems eliminate wasted aisle space to help you store more in the space you have. Our powered mobile systems are ideal for improving efficiency and saving space in any facility.

If you’re concerned about the safety of our powered mobile systems, rest assured that we offer the best safety options in the industry. Whether your system will be located in a secure space or accessed by the general public, we offer the right safety options for your needs.

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high density mobile shelving safety features

Simple & Safe: Photo Sweep® Sensor

Our standard safety system works like the safety protection of an automatic garage door. An infrared light beam sweeps for obstructions close to the floor along the entire length of the carriage. If something interrupts the light beam, all carriage movement stops.

If needed, an additional light beam can be located around waist height. This is convenient in settings that are equipped with pull-out reference shelves.

Side to Side: Aisle-Entry Sensor

This add-on option consists of a projected beam of light that runs across the aisle entry instead of along the carriage. Entering an open aisle breaks the beam, which stops system movement. When someone leaves an aisle, they will need to press the “Reset” icon on the control head at that aisle to return the system to normal operation.

high density mobile shelving safety features

high density mobile shelving safety features

The Ultimate in Safety: Zero Force Sensor®

This safety feature is similar to the aisle entry sensor, but it projects many more light beams and requires no effort to reset the system. As someone enters an open aisle, invisible light beams detect them and prevent carriage movement. The system automatically returns to normal operation when the person leaves the aisle.

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When you’re ready to discover the power of reliability, contact us to learn more about Spacesaver’s powered mobile systems. We can answer your questions and connect you with your nearby Spacesaver consultant, who can help update your existing system or design a new system that’s a perfect fit for your needs and your space.

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