Compact Sterile Storage in a Hospital

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Well-lit compact storage in a hospital’s clean core.

Spacesaver’s compact storage solutions are popular in hospitals and clinics, where storage space is at a premium and where supplies must be kept clean and organized to promote patient health. An Ohio hospital was renovating one of its clean core areas, and staff called on Spacesaver to help plan the space. The unit manager wanted a new storage system that would:

  • Use their existing plastic bins.
  • Protect stored items from dust and other potential contaminants.
  • Optimize their available lighting and square footage.
  • Keep stored items organized and accessible.

Healthcare Mobile Storage Bin Solutions

Healthcare Mobile Bin Storage Solutions

To make the most efficient use of the available space, the local Spacesaver consultant designed a traditional compact mobile system with mechanical-assist handles. Cantilever frames were fitted with Spacesaver’s EZ Rail® Element, providing a sturdy framework on which to hang the bins. The consultant also specified Spacesaver’s L rail, which minimizes the potential for dust and debris accumulation, to be built on top of the floor.

This system’s most striking feature is its clear acrylic end panels and canopy tops. Like Spacesaver’s end panels and canopy tops made of steel, they protect stored items from dust and provide a finished appearance. The clear acrylic also permits visibility into the system and allows its contents to be illuminated by existing overhead lighting. This solution was purchased off Medline’s Novation contract, resulting in significant cost savings.

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