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Space-saving Storage for Lab Consumables, Chemicals, and Equipment

A major pharmaceutical company updates Spacesaver powered mobile systems.

July 14th, 2021 - 4 min read

Pharma labs need efficient storage for the chemicals, supplies, and consumable equipment that researchers use every day in their work.

High-density storage systems eliminate wasted aisle space to compactly store these items while still maintaining convenient access. Learn more about our pharmaceutical research storage solutions.

The Problem - A Reliable System with Obsolete Electronics

A powered Spacesaver system is central to this large pharmaceutical laboratory’s efficient operation. The company employs a full-time attendant who uses the system to retrieve and stock items like chemicals and lab supplies, and the system is in near-constant use every business day and even on some weekends. The company also has two more powered Spacesaver systems in retention rooms that store paper documents like instrument qualifications.

All three of the systems functioned well for decades, but, just like other electronic systems in the facility, the electronic components eventually needed an update. Spacesaver gave advance notice to the local Spacesaver consultant, who passed along the news to the client that the electronics manufacturer would no longer make or support the components.

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The Solution - Updating Electronics In High-Density Shelving

update electric pharmacy shelving

The facility manager opted to replace the old electronics with Spacesaver’s Eclipse Powered System® with Touch Technology™ Control and enhanced safety features for three reasons:

  • Replacing the electronics would extend the useful life of the entire system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new system
  • The streamlined conversion process would minimize downtime and disruption
  • Modern safety features would offer even more protection against unexpected system movement

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The Result - Safe, Efficient Pharma Lab Storage

The new electronic systems refreshed the pharmaceutical research firm’s investment in high-density shelving while also saving money and minimizing downtime and disruption. The new control interface is more intuitive for staff, and the improved safety features offer peace of mind.

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