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Lockers for Hospital Staff Break Rooms and Locker Rooms

Clean, attractive spaces for personal storage

February 10th, 2021 - less than a minute read

The doctors, nurses, and other professionals on your staff form the heart of your organization: they work hard to provide the best care for patients and their families. In turn, it’s important to provide them with soothing spaces to rest and recharge. That’s always been important, and it’s more crucial now than ever.

  • Staff need to take care of themselves in order to provide the best care for others.
  • Staff can focus better on their work if they know their personal belongings are secure.
  • Recruitment is difficult, especially now. Show potential recruits that your organization values staff and their work.
hospital personal storage cubby locker

For half a century, Spacesaver has been providing high-quality storage solutions to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare settings. From records to sterile surgical kits to pharmaceuticals, we understand how important it is to keep supplies and equipment clean, organized, and accessible.

Now we’re bringing that expertise to an area that’s all too often overlooked: locker rooms and break rooms for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff.

Locker Rooms

Depending on the size of your locker rooms, the number of nurses and other staff, and the aesthetics of those spaces, you might opt for Personal Storage Lockers or Day Use Lockers.

Our lockers have a variety of options to ensure comfort and convenience:

  • Electric plug-ins and / or USB charging ports
  • Connections to HVAC to ensure proper ventilation
  • Perforated / vented doors
hospital employee locker room secure personal storage

Keep it Clean

Our steel lockers are easy to sterilize, and we also offer optional antimicrobial coatings.

Best Lockers for Nurses’ Locker Rooms

FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers are favored by police and the military for their configurability and durability. Your nursing staff will love them, too! Make hospital staff feel valued with lockers that are a big step up from “high school” lockers.

nurses locker room personal storage lockers
healthcare day use lockers

Break Rooms

In addition to amenities like microwaves, refrigerators, and comfortable furniture, storage is an important factor in break room design. Help staff keep personal medications, electronic devices, and other belongings out of the way while they’re working, but close at hand when they’re on break.

Best lockers for hospital staff break rooms:
Day Use Lockers are sleek and sturdy, providing secure and attractive personal storage.

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