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Evidence Lockers in Data Centers, Hospitals, and Businesses

End-to-end security solutions for hard drives and other sensitive materials.

April 16th, 2020 - less than a minute read

Police departments and other law enforcement agencies use evidence lockers to keep evidence secure as it’s transferred from the responding officer to storage and eventually to the courtroom. But evidence lockers aren’t only for law enforcement facilities — businesses and hospitals use them, too.

With a variety of functional and aesthetic options, evidence lockers in data centers and other locations provide a secure way to transfer custody of hard drives, evidence, and other sensitive or confidential materials.

Evidence lockers provide end-to-end security anywhere it’s needed.

Security Lockers in Businesses

The colorful “pass-through” lockers featured here were recently installed at a data center. The lockers feature multiple doors on the front to keep hard drives organized and secure. A large mesh door on the back gives technicians convenient access to all the compartments.

data collection business pass through evidence locker

Evidence lockers in data centers and other businesses provide a secure way to transfer custody of sensitive materials.

er medical evidence lockers

Hospital emergency room staff use evidence lockers to store clothing and other evidence.

ER Evidence Lockers

Hospitals also use evidence lockers, and they’re typically installed in or near the Emergency Department. Healthcare staff use the lockers to secure injured victims’ clothing and other evidence until police officers arrive to retrieve the items. Refrigerated evidence compartments are a popular option for storing biological evidence. Read more about evidence lockers in hospitals.

Customize Evidence Lockers

As with all Spacesaver products, evidence lockers are available in standard or custom colors and a variety of color combinations. They’re available in “pass-through” or “non-pass-through” options and offer dozens of door sizes and configurations.

law enforcement evidence lockers

Law enforcement agencies have trusted Spacesaver evidence lockers for decades.

No matter the location or the look, Spacesaver’s evidence lockers help maintain the security and integrity of any sensitive materials you might need to store. Contact us to learn more or to get connected to your local Spacesaver consultant, who can assess your space and explain your options for free.

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