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Helping the Military Soldier On

Spacesaver’s healthcare solutions keep warriors in the fight.

January 27th, 2023 - 3 min read

For thousands of active-duty members and civilians on military installations, almost everything needed to carry out their daily activities can be found onsite, including military treatment facilities (MTFs). From base pharmacies to hospital ships, MTFs store the medicine and supplies needed to keep soldiers and those that support them healthy and ready for action.

Throughout all branches of the military, storage solutions are utilized to preserve and protect valuable medications, all while conserving limited space within their respective facilities. Let’s take a look at these solutions, examples of MTFs they can be found within, and the impact they are making for military installations all over the world.

navy hospital ship medical supply storage

Solutions At Sea

Aboard the massive USNS Comfort, interior storage capacity for medicine and supplies can be surprisingly limited, making the ability to maximize their allocated footprint a vital resource. In addition, issues with material security caused by the unsteady nature of functioning on water had administrators in search of a safer, more efficient solution.

That solution, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System, utilizes roller-guide carriages with in-rail, anti-tip features, as well as synchro drive and mechanical clutch brakes. Equipped with custom rail-locking bars at the base and overhead brackets attached to the tops of the shelving, the system allows users to prevent movement by locking down open “underway” aisles. To promote further organization and security, shelves are available with bin fronts and dividers and can be fitted with tambour doors.

Surgically Precise Storage

Surgical instruments and packed surgical kits require the highest care to remain safe, secure, and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Like any other surgical setting, MTFs require surgical storage areas that ensure instrument sterility and accessibility are preserved, simplify inventory management, and fit within a constrained space.

To achieve these requirements, MTF administrators can turn to their local Spacesaver consultant to deliver the perfect solution, consisting of wire shelving on stainless steel ActivRAC systems with stainless rail, incorporating an automated vertical carousel system to store surgical instruments in bins. The wire shelving units minimize dust accumulation, and the shelves are spaced to accommodate the packed surgical kits and make optimal use of the allotted space.

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Versatile Solutions for Heightened Responsiveness

Preparedness is a staple of the military mentality. And, while no MTF wishes to be face-to-face with an emergency medical situation, they need to know they have the supplies and the systems to be ready for one. By utilizing solutions big and small, MTFs have the ability to store more and move faster at the time of need.

When life-saving supplies are required at a moment’s notice, MTFs can rely on Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving to securely store and swiftly deliver the right materials for the situation. Mounted on casters and available in a variety of configurations, these adaptable units are designed to accommodate the specific needs of each installation’s medical facilities.

As available space is at a premium on base, Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Storage (HDMS) Systems allow MTFs to store twice the amount of supplies in half the footprint, increasing access to supplies for staff and giving them more time to care for their patients. Having been utilized within hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics to efficiently store medical supplies, medications, and personal protective equipment, these versatile systems allow users to safely keep resources organized and available when needed.

spacesaver military pharmacy storage system

Overseas Scripts

Maintaining efficient pharmaceutical operations on military bases can be a large undertaking. Not only do you need to need to account for the demands of and ever-changing number of active-duty military members and authorized civilian residents, but you need to have the capacity and resources to adapt to ailments ranging from the common cold to those requiring far more intricate and vital treatments.

In the case of a pharmacy located on a U.S. base across the Atlantic, its basement storage had become a cluttered mess of outdated and inefficient static shelving, creating issues with controlling storage and maintaining quick access to the medications and supplies it housed. Enter Spacesaver and its versatile pharmaceutical storage product lineup.

As the basement had limited space to work with, a multitude of solutions were needed. After removing and upgrading the flooring, our experts installed shelving with butcher block work benches, a FrameWRX® Storage System with standard and bin shelving, and mechanical assist mobile systems to maximize capacity and streamline organization.

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