Defense Health Solutions

Remaining Well-Stocked For Supporting Well-Being

For service members and civilians on military installations, almost everything needed to carry out daily activities can be found on-site, including access to medical care. From base pharmacies to hospitals and clinics on land and at sea, Spacesaver’s health solutions storage systems secure the medicine and supplies needed to keep soldiers – and those that support them – healthy and ready for action.

Military Medical Facilities

military surgical supply storage

Surgical Supply Storage

Surgical instruments and packed surgical kits require the utmost care to remain sterile, secure, and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Health solutions administrators can turn to their local Spacesaver consultant to deliver the perfect solution, consisting of wire shelving on stainless steel High-Density Mobile Systems mounted on stainless steel rail and incorporating an automated vertical carousel system to store surgical instruments in bins.

military medical record storage

Records Storage

Spacesaver’s 4-Post Shelving was originally designed for records storage and has been doing that and more for over 50 years. With a strong need for paper records storage still existing in military healthcare operations today, Spacesaver’s local consultants can show you how to double your capacity – or halve your storage footprint – in the same square footage by combining 4-Post shelving with our High-Density Mobile Systems.

military pharmaceutical storage

Pharmaceutical Storage

Maintaining efficient pharmaceutical operations on military bases can be a large undertaking. Not only do you need to account for the demands of an ever-changing number of active-duty military members and authorized civilian residents, but you must also maintain the capacity and resources to provide a wide array of intricate and vital treatments. See how Spacesaver’s Spacesaver’s Modular Systems combine standard and bin shelving to streamline your operations.

military navy medical supply storage system

Storage to Sea

Aboard the massive USNS Comfort, interior storage capacity for medicine and supplies can be surprisingly limited, making the ability to maximize its footprint a vital resource. In addition, issues with material security caused by the unsteady nature of functioning on water had administrators in search of a safer, more efficient solution. See how Spacesaver leveraged its engineering team to create a seaworthy design capable of supporting the ship’s medical staff.

Covering the Base

For more than 50 years, Spacesaver has continued to partner with the military to ensure we understand their needs, how they differ from those of the past, and what the men and women who protect the United States will need from their storage solutions in the future to increase readiness and efficiency.

military medical storage solutions purchasing contracts

Purchasing Options from Local Experts 

Many of your base’s needs depend on the task at hand. Spacesaver understands that each base has unique units with specialized tools used to execute their mission. Our extensive network of local distributors – backed by the strength of our engineering and manufacturing teams – work closely with you throughout the project to ensure you have a solution that supports your current and future missions.  

  • GSA
    Many of Spacesaver’s military products have been assigned NSNs, allowing you to utilize Class IX funds.
    Our local experts can help you navigate access to these procurement options and ensure you have easier access to the latest commercial equipment and services.