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Storage for the Next Generation of Squad Weapons

New UWR® Accessories and 51” Cabinet

November 9th, 2023 - 2 min read

Revolutionizing Weapons Storage

In the ever-evolving world of military technology, innovation takes precedence. The US Military, which aims to replace the M4 and M249 weapons systems, awarded SIG Sauer the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract to develop the M7 rifle and M250 machine gun in 2022. This program stands to be the most significant small arms contract issued by the US military in the past 65 years, with an expected issuance of 400,000 weapons by 2032.

Spacesaver’s NGSW Support Solutions

Take your armory storage to the next level.

With over a half century of experience in developing high-quality storage for unique applications, Spacesaver was able to quickly address the specific needs for this project by expanding its UWR® product line. First, it became quite evident that two new brackets were needed to aptly store the new arms: one for transport applications and the other for non-transport. Beyond this, we recognized that while our UWR 45” could fit the M250, due to the length of the weapon with its suppressor attached, it would not be optimal for easily loading and unloading without damaging the weapons. Knowing this, our team of engineers developed the UWR 51” cabinet to deliver increased support and security for the M250.

Army Green Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack with new accessories for M7s and M250s

Ammunition for the Future

  • New 51” Cabinet Size – optimized for storing M250
  • Versatile storage solution for both transport and non-transport applications
  • Compatible with our high-density mobile systems
  • Flexible universal base and adjustable stock cups help to future-proof armories
  • Support rail reconfigurability allows for accommodation of a wide range of weapons

Unrivaled Arsenal Storage

Spacesaver is your one-stop shop for all storage needs, offering a wide range of solutions to ensure readiness both on base and in theatre.

Army Green Spacesaver Universal Weapons Racks mounted on mobile storage system
High-Density Mobile Systems
  • Maximizing storage efficiency
  • Eliminates wasted aisle space
  • Increased capacity without expanding physical space
  • Inside of a Tricon shipping container featuring weapons along the walls and five cabinets for smaller items
    Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System
    • The most secure way to store and ship weapons in a TriCon
    • Consolidates weapons in standard-size TriCon containers during deployment
    • Ensures secure transport while saving time and space for all branches of the military
    Forklift lifting raising a Spacesaver Rapid Readiness Box onto another Rapid Readiness Box
    Rapid Readiness Box
    • Deployable storage solution
    • Alternative to wooden shipping crates
    • Sized to optimize space in intermodal transport containers

    Learn more about our Universal™ Weapons Rack

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