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The High(lander) Road to Victory

The foundation for your championship team is your equipment room.

August 11th, 2022 - less than a minute read

Back to school means back to sports for many. Coaches and athletes are already back in action and preparing for the competition to come.

While many teams are adding new players to their rosters, one Southeastern Wisconsin high school will have a new equipment manager on its staff, and this addition is a real unit! Here is how Spacesaver’s high-density mobile system stepped in to help the Highlanders of Homestead High School efficiently combine and store the equipment needed to help them win!

Stacks of totes containing athletic equipment on Spacesaver mechanical assist system
Assorted cardboard boxes and totes on black Spacesaver mechanical assist system
red and white jerseys and boxes on Spacesaver high density mobile system

Preserve Tradition, Embrace Advancement

Working with an aging wire storage system in an efficient space, Homestead’s administrators knew they needed to find a modern solution to house more than a dozen teams’ worth of totes, hanging uniforms, and specialized equipment. With some quick research, Homestead High School’s Athletic Director came across Spacesaver’s existing collegiate installations. Impressed with the quality of the products represented at each respective institution, he reached out to our local expert to set up a consultation.

coach checking gear bags in Spacesaver athletic equipment cabinet

Get In, Get Out, Get to Work

After visiting the school and seeing the existing equipment room and the potential spaces that could be utilized, the local storage expert suggested Homestead repurpose an internal space in its locker room. Not only would this relocation bring the gear closer so their users can load up and get to work, but it also freed up valuable floorspace to repurpose into what will be an additional training/weight room for student athletes.

Download Our Collegiate Athletic Lookbook

See what inspired Homestead High School to reach out to us.

Flexible Enough to Take on Any Opponent

Much like the athletes in its program, Homestead’s administrators needed their new solutions to be able to lock down opponents like theft, damage, and loss, all while possessing the versatility to make changes as the (storage) game progresses.

In the end, the winning system paired Spacesaver’s flexible shelving options with Spacesaver’s mechanical-assist mobile storage systems for easy access and minimal wasted space. Homestead was so pleased with the results that they have ordered additional systems to be installed in the latter part of 2023! Keep your eye out for more on this valuable partnership!

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