Standard Mobile System

Making Space For What Matters

Increasing the capacity to do more within your space is what Spacesaver does best, and our standard high-density mobile storage (HDMS) system is the cornerstone example. More than 50 years ago, our Standard HDMS was designed to tackle almost any space and storage optimization challenge and continues to do so today. Our USA-made solutions increase operational efficiency by creating a movable aisle that can compact storage space, allow access to more goods and materials, and create extra space for the things that have a direct impact on your organization, regardless of the industry.

standard high density powered mobile system
user controlling powered mobile system with TUSC application

What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile systems maximize square-foot capacity for storage by leveraging movable storage shelves and aisles instead of fixed shelves and aisles. Simply put, these are moving shelves on tracks. See how it works!

high-density mobile system infographic showing static shelving comparison
Traditional Shelving Wastes Space.

With traditional static shelving, a large percentage of floor space is wasted in aisles.

high-density mobile system infographic showing same capacity in half the space
Mobile Shelving Increases Space.

Mobile shelving delivers the same capacity as static shelving in half the floor space.

high-density mobile system infographic showing double capacity
Mobile Shelving Doubles Capacity.

Mobile Shelving allows you to double the storage capacity of your existing floor space.

Our Most Versatile Mobile Storage System

Spacesaver is the recognized industry leader in high-density mobile storage, with more installations than all other manufacturers combined. Standard HDMS systems have helped boost efficiency and organization in librarieshospitals, athletic equipment rooms, museums, police departments, military bases, and other work environments. Plus, they offer a host of safety and security features, design options, and choice of controls to suit your needs.

Mobile System Product Details

  • Wide array of sizes, colors, finishes, and end panel materials
  • Multiple options for opening aisles including manual, mechanical assist, and powered controls with buttons, LCD touchscreen, hands-free gesture controls, and mobile app controls
  • Multiple safety features, including safety sweeps, brakes, and anti-tip rails
  • Reconfigure, expand, or relocate mobile system as needed
library shelving holding magazines

For Installations Small and Large

Spacesaver high-density mobile systems can accommodate a wide range of customer needs, regardless of the size, weight, or shape of items being stored. Every installation is a custom configured solution, designed to meet each customer’s storage requirements.

Modes of Operation

We offer a variety of control options to allow users to open any aisle at the point of need. Mechanical-assist handles move thousands of pounds with minimal effort, and powered systems can be operated by touchpad control, radio frequency remote, Gesture Control™ or the TUSC® Control app.

garments hanging on high-density mobile system
topographic map custom end panel graphics on powered mobile high-density sytem
public safety weapon storage on mechanical assist high-density system
Powered mobile high-density system with collegiate athletic storage

See how our High-Density Mobile Systems could work for you.

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