Ames, Iowa

Custom Designed Shelving for Football Equipment

Spacesaver Eclipse® Powered Mobile Storage Helps Organize Football Equipment and Apparel
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The Challenge

The equipment room at Iowa State University (ISU) was old, cramped and disorganized. There wasn’t enough space to store everything that the team needed and used on a daily basis, let alone try and organize the items within the space.

When the new facility was being built, Sedgwick took the opportunity to create a new and more organized equipment storage solution using Spacesaver storage products.

"Since we did not have enough space we had to use it inefficiently, thus there were times when it took a while to find items because they had to be boxed up and put high on top of the storage areas."

- Jonathan Sedgwick, Football Equipment Manager

secure athletic equipment storage solution with tambour doors closed
Lockable sliding doors keep items secure and dust-free, while still easily accessible.
athletic hanging rail compact storage system holding jackets
Oblique garment rails are used to store apparel more efficiently.
Boxes of shoes on Spacesaver storage system for college football
Compact shelving allows for custom configurations and adjustable for future needs.

Due to previous experience in the industry and prior exposure to Spacesaver storage solutions, Sedgwick knew to contact the local Spacesaver representative in Iowa. Spacesaver worked closely with the university to create a storage solution that was able to make the best use of the space allocated.

An Eclipse Powered System® outfitted with 4-Post shelving, oblique garment rails and secure Rollok doors was installed in the facility in October of 2012. A powered operational control was selected for ease of access and movement due to the size of the storage units. Users are able to press a button and enter the aisle immediately and without the normal delay associated with a mechanical assist system. The mobile storage is also equipped with a floor lock, which uses a key controlled tumbler lock mechanism mounted near the floor level that interfaces with the systems electric controls, to completely secure the system when not in use.

These solutions provided smart storage solutions for football apparel, shoes and gear. Now everything has an appropriate place and is easy to find within the equipment room. The Rollok doors (shown above) also offer additional security within the powered system.

ISU football helmets and jerseys on Spacesaver shelving systems
"Being able to have Spacesaver come in and design shelving to meet our needs helped us use the space in a more efficient way. Spacesaver did a great job from the beginning helping us achieve what we were looking for."

- Jonathan Sedgwick, Football Equipment Manager

"We are able to get equipment to our athletes on a more timely basis and it has saved many headaches."

- Jonathan Sedgwick, Football Equipment Manager

Storage Solved

The new equipment room has helped save the staff and equipment manager time and money due to the ease of accessing equipment on game days. Everything is stored within easy reach and more of what the athletes need is now stored in the primary equipment facility.

Fast Access to Everything You Need

Well-organized storage systems ensure that athletes and coaches have everything they need to protect valuable assets, streamline workflows and boost team pride.