Mobile Cultivation Racks for an Innovative Cannabis Facility

Room to Grow

Mobile Cultivation Racks for an Innovative Cannabis Facility

When a cannabis cultivation firm acquired an 80-year-old building in Oregon and set out to convert it to a modern cannabis grow, the design team wanted to optimize space throughout the facility. The facility build-out resulted in nine rooms, with eight rooms devoted to flowering and one devoted to mother plants and propagation.

Space in all the rooms was tight, with about 12 feet in width, 40 feet in length, and varying ceiling heights.

vertical cannabis grow room

Cultivation Racks

The team initially planned to use rolling cannabis benches in the new facility, but they soon realized mobile cultivation racks would be a better option. They could take the space-saving concept of rolling tables and multiply its effect by going vertical. They would be heating and cooling the rooms regardless of how many plants were growing in them, and they didn’t want to waste space.

Oregon medical cannabis growing facility

“This is the most competitive cannabis market in the world. There’s no margin for error.”

– Chris Durbin, Alpha Flora

Maximize Vertical Space

The Spacesaver installation team installed four-tiered GROW Mobile Systems in two rooms as a trial. They trained staff on its use and the staff incorporated lighting, irrigation, and custom steel inserts that were made at a local fabrication shop.

The Spacesaver GROW mobile cultivation racks integrate perfectly with the firm’s unique approach to growing medical cannabis, which involves an intense cultivation style with high plant density.

cannabis growing racks - system integration

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