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Providing Support from Seed to Sale

Spacesaver’s GROW systems have cannabis cultivation covered.

February 6th, 2023 - less than a minute read

To produce the best product for their customers, cultivators must nurture a tiny seed into a healthy plant, dry that plant, and prepare the yield for distribution and eventually, consumption for medicinal or recreational use. Throughout this process, one key indicator of success stands out: the amount of care given by the individuals and systems involved.

Spacesaver and its team of cannabis production experts understand the impact mishandled and damaged plants have on the profitability of an operation, as well as its ability to affect a positive result for their customers. Our solutions are designed to deliver the optimal configuration for each cultivator’s space and functionality. Whether they specialize in growing, drying, dispensing, or all of the above, we have what it takes to help growers grow more.

Let’s take a look through the cannabis product lifecycle and how Spacesaver’s solutions play a role in each step along the way…

Germination & Growth

As regulations on canopy size vary from state to state, cultivators must find a way to optimize their available space in order to maximize their production and profits. One way that Spacesaver provides support in achieving this goal is with our GROW Mobile System, designed to eliminate wasted aisle space, allow for multiple levels of growing area, and deliver more yield and less cost per square foot.

Comprised of Vertical racking on rail-mounted mobile carriages and equipped with GROW Widespan Shelving that maximizes accessibility and compatible accessories including lights, irrigation, and HVAC, the GROW Mobile System helps cultivators optimize both vertical and horizontal space to maximize production.

cannabis germination growth at an indoor grow facility

See how Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System can help your organization GROW higher!

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Building A Connection

As efficient as a multi-tier growing system can be regarding its ability to optimize available space, reaching plants on second-level or higher shelves can be time-consuming based on the method used. For example, stationary and rolling ladders that must be constantly dismounted and moved to care for higher-level plants within an aisle.

worker trimming cannabis on a Spacesaver vertical grow system at an indoor grow facility

Knowing this is a growing problem within the cannabis production industry, Spacesaver designed the GROW Crosswalk to provide a safe, ergonomic raised working station that can span the length of the aisle. Secured with locking clevis pins instead of traditional nuts and bolts assembly, the system can be quickly and easily installed to any GROW upright, allowing users to take their operation to the next level.

Check out our blog showing just how easy installation of the GROW Crosswalk can be!

Crosswalk Features

grow crosswalk handles render

Harvest & Drying

One of the more costly issues a cannabis cultivator faces is damage from improper handling. This can occur throughout the production process but is most prevalent in the transition from the grow room to the drying room. Spacesaver’s GROW Drying System helps prevent damage and preserve plant quality by minimizing handling, leading to fewer crushed buds and leaves and increased yield.

indoor cannabis drying systems

When the time for harvest comes, plants are hung on a combination of Vertical Posts and T-Bars, where they will remain throughout the transport and drying stages. Designed to integrate with GROW Drying Carts and Mobile Carriage Systems, the Vertical Posts and T-Bars allow users to handle the solutions, further minimizing the possibility of plant damage and the need for excess labor.

Fewer touches mean less damage with Spacesaver’s GROW Drying System. See how.
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Storage & Distribution

From the pickup window to the vault, Spacesaver has the solutions to keep cannabis dispensaries running as efficiently as possible. Much like any other retail operation, cannabis dispensaries tend to offer a variety of products for their customers, requiring versatile storage solutions that provide increased accessibility and capacity.

cannabis storage distribution with Spacesaver shelving and containers

Traditionally, the vault is a highly secure area where product from the sales floor, bulk items, and infrequently accessed stock is stored away from the sales floor. As such, secure options like our High-Density Mobile Shelving (HDMS) system with optional locking mechanisms are ideal for providing the perfect combination of capacity and protection. In addition, and to promote secure and efficient transport from the vault to the sales floor and temporary storage support, Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving and its countless configurations can be utilized.

In the front of the house flanking the respective establishment’s budtender will be a myriad of prescriptions for pickup and – especially in areas where recreational use is legal – popular strains for purchase. To help with coordination and organization of product, the space can be outfitted with Spacesaver’s EZ Rail® Element, designed to integrate with 4-Post and Case-Type shelving and hold most industry-standard plastic storage bins.

Providing a higher level of security and efficiency for your dispensary!

Dispensary Storage Solutions

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