Museum Collection Storage

Museum Collection Storage

Versatile museum cabinets optimize space now & in the future.

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Imagine a museum collections area in perfect order: everything has its place, with no disorganization or overcrowding. Even recently acquired items are seamlessly integrated into storage, right where they belong. There’s even room to grow in the future!

You can start creating that space today — for yourself and for your colleagues decades down the road.

An interior that changes with your collections

The Spacesaver Viking Preservation Cabinet 920 Series offers a unique combination of versatility and strength. For instance, you can fill it with trays today, and years from now, after collections have grown or changed, your future colleagues can reconfigure it with drawers, hanging rods, or other accessories.

configurable flexible museum cabinet

museum preservation cabinet mobile system

Store more as museum collections grow

These modular cabinets can help add storage capacity in the future, too. Set them on the floor or mount them on casters at first, and years later they can be stacked or placed on compact mobile systems to save space and create more room for growing collections.

Popular Configurations

Designing your cabinet is easy! You can configure your cabinet any way you want, but it’s helpful to begin by looking at setups that others have chosen. We’ve put our most popular configurations all in one place as a starting point for you. Get inspired, and then make your own cabinets with virtually endless configuration options.

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Connect with the Museum Collection Storage Experts

Need help getting started? Contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver museum consultants. They can answer your questions, analyze your space, and provide quotes on the best solutions for your collections.

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