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Day Use Lockers in Athletic Facilities

Providing secure athletic equipment transfer and personal storage.

February 18th, 2021 - less than a minute read

We have a new star in our athletic storage solutions line-up! Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers are a durable, great-looking way to streamline processes, secure equipment, and boost team pride.

We offer pass-through cubby lockers to facilitate gear exchange between athletes and the equipment room, as well as a variety of other solutions.

Laundry & Equipment Exchange

Streamline work flows and keep gear clean and secure with a pass-through option that combines the speed and efficiency of cubbies with the security of lockers.

  • Limits the number of people that need to touch each item
  • Steel is easy to wipe down
  • Want extra protection from germs? Choose the antimicrobial coating option.

We also offer a non-pass-through option.

day use locker in wall pass-through combo

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athletic training personal storage lockers

Training Rooms

Help athletes focus on training by offering convenient and secure storage for their personal electronics, snacks, and other belongings that are prohibited in training areas.

athletic facility secure cubby lockers

Referees & Spectators

Day Use Lockers are ideal for referees and spectators at wrestling, indoor soccer, gymnastics, and other indoor practices and events.

sports team front office secure storage

Suites, Press & Offices

Provide peace of mind in crowded suites, press rooms, and offices with secure storage for coats, electronic devices, and other personal belongings.

Get info on sizes, configurations, colors, and more.

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