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Post-COVID Campus Space Planning

Getting ready for a return to normal.

February 25th, 2021 - 2 min read

As campuses continue to navigate safety during a pandemic, they are designing and creating spaces that are more flexible and resilient. At the same time, staff at many campuses, particularly those with medical centers, are reacting to supply chain problems by keeping large quantities of PPE and cleaning supplies on hand.

You probably know that Spacesaver has been a trusted partner to universities for nearly 50 years, and we’ve tackled storage challenges from libraries to athletic equipment rooms. But did you know we can help you store more in storerooms, warehouses, and medical facilities, too? We can help out with COVID-related storage issues and optimize the space you have to keep everyone on campus safe and comfortable.

Take a look at how we can help you achieve your goals as you plan to return to normal post-COVID.

Increased Janitorial Support

Store more cleaning supplies and PPE on site in dorms, classroom buildings, campus fitness centers, and healthcare facilities — and keep even more bulk supplies on hand at campus warehouses.

Small high-density mobile systems increase storeroom storage capacity for gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies.

bulk cleaning supply storage
bulk cleaning supply storage

ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage Systems optimize space in warehouses. Eliminate wasted aisle space while still providing convenient forklift access.

university warehouse bulk supply storage
university warehouse bulk supply storage

See more ideas for safe, functional storage on campus during the COVID crisis, including movable walls, Day Use Lockers, and more. Consolidate Campus Storage during the COVID Crisis.

Hospitals & Clinics

Keep the focus on efficiency and patient care. Rolling shelves eliminate wasted aisle space and keep medical materials clean, organized, and secure.

Optimize space in cold storage for vaccines, biological samples, and test kits.

pathology storage systems
pathology storage systems

Consolidate and condense storage for surgical kits and other supplies.

hospital surgical kit shelving system
hospital surgical kit shelving system

Furniture Storage

Need temporary furniture storage? ActivRAC is a flexible, adaptable way to gain warehouse storage capacity while still ensuring that everything is organized and accessible.

campus warehouse compact pallet shelving system
university warehouse heavy-duty storage systems

If you’re temporarily removing campus furniture to limit seating capacity or to reconfigure dorm rooms, see how Bellevue College stores surplus furniture, PPE, bulk cleaning supplies, and other materials.

How it Works

High-density mobile shelving eliminates wasted aisle space by moving along rails installed in the floor.

  • Functional - Store more in the space you have
  • Safe - safety systems, anti-tip mechanisms, anti-microbial paint option
  • Adaptable - Reconfigure as needs change.

  • Durable - Made in the USA of heavy-duty steel.
  • Secure - Select badge-swipe or PIN access to lock down aisles.
  • <Stylish - Your choice of finish options.
high-density animation compact shelving

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