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FreeStyle Lockers for School Resource Officers

A Public Safety Storage Checklist

March 23rd, 2017 - less than a minute read

With the prevalence of school shootings and dangerous illegal activities anywhere there’s a crowd of people, a sobering reality has emerged—security resources are starting to become commonplace in locations where they might not have been a few decades ago.

fast response lockers weapon storage for schools

For years, many schools have had school resource officers to act as a liaison between students and community resources, provide safety education, and ensure security on school grounds. But now, many schools are beginning to look at new ways to have secure, quick access to weapons and gear in the event of an emergency. Think of it as “point-of-need” storage for weapons access.

fast response locker

Some schools have responded to this need by installing a FreeStyle Locker—a storage cabinet with a locking mechanism that keeps the content secure and allows immediate access to the weapons and gear inside. Security and immediacy are just one piece of this solution—the other factor is ensuring that these lockers look like anything but a gun cabinet. Although these lockers are built with the same security as you’d find in a police armory, they can be designed to look like standard lockers or filing cabinets for a more discrete solution.

This solution serves the day-to-day gear storage needs of the school resource officer, but also provides peace of mind in the rare event that an emergency should occur.

The Solution in Action

When a school district in LaCrosse, Wisconsin was looking for a weapons storage locker for their school resource officer, their local Spacesaver dealer customized a FreeStyle Locker with a bottom compartment large enough to store a rifle and two smaller compartments on the top for evidence storage, duty bag storage, and ammo storage. The bottom portion of the locker was outfitted with a Digilock to allow keyless PIN-code access, and a rail to store the rifle in an upright, secure position at all times.

wall mounted gun locker digi lock protected

Connect with the Experts

Contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver public safety specialists. They’ll assess your space, analyze your workflows, and design efficient systems to keep weapons and other gear secure and at the ready.

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