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Safety Features of 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet

Here’s how safety is built in.

October 1st, 2020 - less than a minute read

Museum cabinets from different companies might look the same at first glance, but you’ll notice important differences when you take a closer look. Safety is one of the primary ways that the Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet stands out from the competition.

heavy-duty museum cabinet

Heavy-Duty Structure

To understand why the cabinets are safer, first it’s important to understand how they’re constructed. The 920 Series’ load-bearing posts are made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, while the competition’s load-bearing posts are made with lighter-weight 16-gauge steel. That means Spacesaver can safely offer larger cabinets with a higher weight capacity.

light duty museum cabinet doors

Easy to Remove Doors

Our lift-off doors are just as strong as the competition’s, but they’re lighter and easier to lift when collections are being managed or moved. That’s because they’re designed with a reinforced channel instead of double steel walls. This design also eliminates concealed nooks and crannies where pests could go undetected. Welded hinges provide enduring strength and allow our doors to travel 180 degrees from closed to fully opened.

museum cabinet tool free flexibility

Strong Clips

The load-bearing posts accept trays and other accessories via clips that present another significant safety advantage. Spacesaver’s clips are simple to use, offering tool-free installation and removal. They’re also made of heavy gauge steel that retains its structural integrity over decades of use. The competition, on the other hand, offers lance-style clips to attach accessories. Lance-style clips are difficult to use, require special tools for insertion and removal, and tend to deform (bend out of shape) over time.

museum cabinet safety stop draw

Safety-Stop Mechanism

Another important safety feature is the safety-stop mechanism that’s available on accessories compatible with the 920 Series’ channel-in-channel interior liner. Spacesaver offers an interference-type safety-stop mechanism that reliably engages to prevent unintended tray removal. The competition’s “drop-in” design can fail to engage, which could result in unintended tray removal, personal injury, and damage to collections.

museum collection storage consultants

Safety First

Safety comes first at Spacesaver, and our in-house engineering teams ensure that every aspect of our cabinets, from the load-bearing structures to the smallest accessories, are designed for safety and convenience.

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