Spacesaver Partners with Distributor to Create Scholarship Fund

Spacesaver Partners with Distributor to Create Scholarship Fund

The Spacesaver Corporation and Heritage Business Interiors (HBI), Spacesaver’s distribution partner in Calgary, Alberta, established a scholarship fund for University of Calgary students in 2019. The first scholarship was awarded May 25, 2020.

University officials noted the gift is particularly appreciated at a time when students and their families are facing economic uncertainty.

“Receiving this award made pursuing my post-secondary education much more sustainable,” said the recipient, Emily Bennett. “It made a tremendous difference for me and my family this year as well as for me in the future as I pursue my future academic goals.”

Spacesaver supports the communities we serve and we’re proud to partner with HBI in this program.

high-bay library shelving

The high-bay system is allowing on-campus libraries to free up space for modern uses.

Spacesaver and HBI supplied the University of Calgary’s High-Density Library with XTend® Mobile High-Bay System shelving that’s 32 feet tall and 230 feet long. The Spacesaver shelving can accommodate more than four million books, journals, and other printed volumes, and the project has freed up space in the university’s on-campus libraries for new technology and collaborative spaces.

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