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Compact Storage for Growing Minds

Spacesaver solutions support the development of local learning.

July 10th, 2023 - 2 min read

It certainly takes an army of allies to guide today’s students through their required educational responsibilities. And, like an army, these young and developing minds need an incredible amount of support to accomplish the tasks in front of them. Some of this support comes from the children’s guardians, teachers, or respective schools, but for those individuals or schools that may be less fortunate than others, additional support is needed to ensure they get the same level of attention and development as the rest of the district.

A Promise of Progress

In the Kalamazoo, Michigan public school system, there is a program called The Kalamazoo Promise. In this program, local students that go to school in the area and maintain and graduate with a certain grade point average, can get their post-secondary tuition (and in some instances room and board) paid for. Supported by a group of generous public and anonymous donors, the mission of this program is to ensure that both students and teachers never had to worry about having the tools to experience the highest level of learning and receive these materials without cost.

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Focusing on the Community

One of these supporting entities is the Communities In Schools organization. This group exists to provide surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and find achievement in their lives. Serving more than 20 schools in the district, their operation consists of a warehouse stocked with supplies, as well as an office space to help run the operation. Within the warehouse, you can find materials including shoes, jackets, craft supplies, pencils, and more. According to the organization, any teacher or staff member in the Kalamazoo district is allowed to come during available hours and present a request for the materials they need. Upon review and confirmation, the foundation will provide the supplies to them – no fee demanded, and no questions asked.

Knowing the incredible value their services provide to the district, the community, and its members, the organization’s directors reached out to their local Spacesaver consultant – on the advice of the project’s architect who was familiar with our trusted systems and proven results – to maximize their warehouse’s storage space and provide the greatest impact.

Starting by assessing both their existing storage systems and the wide array and increasing volume of materials needing to be stored, our consultant provided the following systems:

school compact mobile supply shelving system

Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile Shelving (HDMS) Systems

These compact storage systems not only removed wasted aisle space and allowed for additional storage capacity, but can be configured to include accessories such as hanging rods for jackets, garments, etc.

In addition, the systems can be operated with little effort, allowing staff members of all shapes and sizes to quickly and easily gain access to the materials needed by the requesting party.

school cubbie shelving system

4-Post Shelving With Acrylic Bin Fronts and Cubbies

Designed to efficiently store and gain access to smaller, more highly demanded items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as those that require distinct separation such as shoe cubbies.

Spacesaver’s durable 4-Post shelving and versatile accessories allow users to adjust their systems to provide the best configuration for their use and the items they store.

A Foundation for a Strong Future

Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo began in the 1970s as a vision of a more just and healthy community, one in which every child has a chance to finish school and be ready for college and the workforce. Since then, Communities In Schools has grown into the nation’s largest and most effective organization in addressing the dropout crisis.

Spacesaver is honored to play a role in helping Communities In Schools provide these valuable resources to the teachers and students of the Kalamazoo, Michigan School District.

Configuring Continued Growth

Spacesaver’s consultants know how to make the most of your available space and maximize its impact on your operations. Reach out to your local representative to set up a space assessment and establish a strong foundation for offering more for your community.

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