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Campus Library Storage Solutions

Spacesaver provides insights and installs geared toward advancing your campus library’s impact.

May 29th, 2024 - 3 min read

The Most Active Place On Campus

When you hear this phrase, you’re most likely thinking of a commons area or perhaps the fieldhouse. Both great guesses, but if you really want the opportunity to experience a wide array of activities, the library is where it’s at.

Evolve Your Campus Library

See how Spacesaver can help modernize your campus’ library to create space for fostering innovation.

What makes the stacks the place to be? So much more than the books and shelves you may be picturing. Today’s campus libraries have a myriad of resources to offer students, staff, and visitors. From a place to meet, create, or just simply access the internet, the library has all you need to grow and advance.

But the library also has a finite amount of space to do these activities, which means that flexible and efficient storage solutions are a must to create the right mix of fit and function for the task at hand.

Campus Safety (And Security) First

Academic achievement requires a great deal of material consumption. From the food and drinks necessary to fuel minds to the tools of the trades being used to teach and learn, library patrons are going to have stuff. To ensure that stuff and the learning materials within the library are protected and kept secure, libraries are turning to Day Use Lockers for temporary storage of personal belongings.

campus library spacesaver day use locker

Unlock Your Campus’ Potential

Ensure personal and educational belongings are kept safe while you browse.

These versatile and configurable solutions are ideal helping to avoid theft, loss, and damage of library users’ invaluable personal belongings. Available in multiple sizes and orientations, lockers can be customized to fit each library’s demand. Offering further versatility and security, Day Use Lockers can be outfitted with locking mechanisms from several of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Creating the Capacity for More

Learning is a lifelong process. So, as each generation continues to uncover the latest and greatest information, the next generation’s resource pool continues to fill up. Static shelving, while effective in storing these ever-growing materials, is inefficient in the space it utilizes. And, with a finite amount of available floor space in each campus’ library, space utilization is a major concern. Here is where High-Density Mobile Storage systems make their mark.

campus library spaces compact mobile shelving

Moving Learning Higher

Spacesaver HDMS systems give campuses the space to give more to their patrons.

High-Density Mobile Storage systems, which feature a movable aisle format, allow libraries to double capacity in their current footprint or reduce their current storage footprint by half. This space-saving solution frees up space for flexible use, helping libraries to adapt to advances in technology and supporting progressive student learning. In addition to optimizing footprint, High-Density Mobile Storage systems can be equipped to offer increased protection for staff, visitors, and students – especially those looking to go viral by testing the safety stop.

Flexible Shelving: Here Today, There Tomorrow

Increased flexibility is always a top demand from library staff and administration. Driven by an ever-growing set of learning tools and methods, the ability to offer multi-purpose space for varied use is invaluable to your campus’ library. Incorporating Flexible Shelving units into your campus library’s storage mix allows staff to create the optimal layout for the need at hand.

campus library spaces flexible shelving

Big Versatility On Campus

See how Spacesaver can deliver flexibility for your campus’ library.

The perfect balance of the storage capacity of a static shelf and the versatility of a library cart, Flexible Shelving allows users to access information at its point of use. When equipped with locking casters, the units can be set into place when in use. Additionally, a variety of end panels – wood, laminate, acrylic, and resin – can be sourced through Spacesaver’s nationwide network of local distributors to ensure the units fit your university’s exact design requirements.

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