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Storage Solutions for Courageous Company

Providing supporting systems from grub to gear.

May 20th, 2023 - 4 min read

Whether in a parade or on the job, most of us have been able to clearly identify the sights and sounds of our local firetruck from an early age. Time and time again, we’ve seen these dedicated individuals rushing toward a plume of smoke in the distance, ready to save the day. Upon arrival, they hop off their trucks, trusting that their training and gear will help them get the job done quickly enough to salvage what is left.

One factor that helps responders accomplish such feats of bravery, is the efficiency of the facilities and equipment they utilize. To get from resting to ready in no time flat, these individuals need to know their gear is stored where it should be and how it should be.

This is where Spacesaver, our experienced experts, and our versatile lineup of storage solutions come into play. In the installation outlined below, you’ll see how our team was able to expand our community impact by outfitting our hometown Fort Atkinson Fire Department with solutions from pantry to personal storage.

Adding Fuel to the Firefighting

According to the City Manager, Fort Atkinson Fire Department’s call volume rose by 108% since 2010. What also increased, was the amount of gear and systems required to house staff, protect equipment, and support operations. What had not increased – since 1960 to be exact – was the number of full-time staff, creating a growing problem with shift coverage and call response time.

Knowing that the current building would not be adequate for supporting the growth in personnel and gear necessary to serve the community, the city put a referendum to expand the existing facility to vote by the public. Passing the voting process, construction of the facility was completed in April 2020, allowing the department to accommodate current capacity needs and plan more effectively for continued growth.

fire station heavy-duty storage solutions

While the completion of the building allowed for the physical space necessary for addressing the community’s growing needs, it did not include additional employees in the budget. It was this growing imbalance that led to another city referendum being passed in April 2022, one that focused on solving staffing issues in the department. Included in the referendum was the funds to hire six paramedic/firefighters and six advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)/firefighters to provide full-time, 24/7 911 emergency medical services (EMS) and firefighting services.

Extinguishing Underutilized Space

In order to provide the best solutions for the expanding department, Spacesaver’s experts started by taking stock of the new space, its current layout, potential improvements, and growth projections. Now housing a wealth of healthcare workers and public safety guardians, there was an increasing need for specialized storage that is as functional as it is accessible.

Here we will walk you through each station section we provided a system for, laying out the benefits they provide and the functions they support.

fire station secure food storage


Working a 24-plus hour shift requiring you to be ready at any moment doesn’t allow much room for taking an extended break to eat. So when staff members need to fuel up between calls, they want quick access to get in, get fed, and get out.

To accommodate this need and keep each rotating team’s food reserves safe and organized, Spacesaver installed its 4-Post shelving with locking doors in the station’s pantry. Located directly behind the kitchen area, each team has its own cabinet filled with their respective delectables.

ems supply storage system

EMS Supply Storage

When a call for help comes in, the station’s vehicle bay can become a whirlwind of activity. Getting the necessary individuals and gear for the situation at hand in the right location can be a matter of life and death, and no moment can be spared to search for materials.

Knowing this, Spacesaver transformed a room that was small in size to create massive impact for staff. The result, is a mixture of mechanical-assist HDMS and static shelving that is coordinated to allow responders to get in, get what they need, and get to the distressed individual as soon as possible.

fire station maintenance storage

Maintenance Storage

With multiple types of vehicles and gear stored at the station, each playing a pivotal role in maintaining the health and well-being of the public, staff must ensure all equipment remains in tip-top shape. This includes having a myriad of replacement parts and tools on hand and at the ready for getting crew and their equipment back up and running.

Utilizing 4-Post shelving and FrameWRX bins, staff can store items of all shapes and sizes and know they will be where they need to be, when they need to be.

fire department office ppe supply storage system

Office and PPE Supplies

While the actions of firetrucks and ambulances are a main focal point of the fire station, administrative functions play a key in the success of the operation. From maintaining an appropriate amount of PPE to preserving necessary records and accessories, maintaining a cohesive chain of information throughout the facility provides tremendous support to its non-stop nature.

For maximizing the volume and accommodating the variety of materials needed to be stored, we equipped the station with additional mechanical-assist HDMS. Fully configurable to fit boxes, bags, and cases of all sizes, each carriage can be relocated at the turn of a handle until the right solution is found.

fire gear compact storage system

Gear Storage

While there is a set location for each individual’s gear in the building, this space was limited to only the pieces currently in use. However, as damage to gear is a common occurrence and leaves its user vulnerable to the elements of the job, spare equipment must be kept on hand.

Knowing this and just how bulky these items can be, we installed a mechanical-assist HMDS dedicated to allowing maximum storage capacity for boots, jackets, helmets, gloves, and many more integral items.

sleeping area personal storage locker

PSLs in Sleeping Area

Because fires and other emergencies don’t follow a 9 to 5 schedule, station staff must be ready to go at all times. And, as their shifts tend to be longer than the normal human can function without sleep, a dedicated area for rest is necessary.

Knowing this and that each team member should have a secure space for their personal belongings while on the job or preparing to be, we installed our trusted personal storage lockers (PSLs). These lockers are customizable to fit the specific needs of each department and their members, accounting for requirements ranging from ventilated shoe storage to USB charging functionality.

fire department kitchen supply storage

Overflow Storage

Even at a fire station you’ll encounter the dreaded “where should this go?” question when considering where to store common items that just make more sense to buy in bulk. For the Fort FD, these items included paper towels, coffee accessories, and plastic silverware.

Not having a need for an additional MA HDMS system, nor the room in the budget for one, our experts provided 4-Post shelving with full-height doors to provide secure storage with a better aesthetic.

Reserve for Rescuers

Our public safety storage experts have the knowledge and solutions to improve the efficiency and readiness of community service facilities big and small. Reach out to your local consultant for a no-cost assessment to help bring increased value to your community.

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