Delivering An Unbreakable (Supply) Chain

Showcasing Spacesaver’s 50 years of efficient supply chain management expertise.

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When providing tangible products to consumers, completing a transaction can sometimes be left at the mercy of your method of delivery. Over the past two-plus years, executing any method of delivery has been a bit of a challenge (to say the least) for supply chain professionals. However, there have been some bright spots in the cloud of COVID-related delays. In a recent issue of Supply Chain World Magazine, Spacesaver was given the opportunity to shine a light on their proven process.

“We’ve installed around 400,000 of our systems in a variety of vertical markets, including education, public safety, museums, indoor agriculture, libraries, the military, corporate offices, healthcare, government, and industrial partners,” stated Stephanie Congdon, Director of Supply Chain at Spacesaver. “One of the biggest takeaways over the past two years is that you need to be prepared.”

To mitigate against supply chain challenges, a major focus for Spacesaver in the last few years has been the successful implementation of its employee-led Continuous Improvement (CI) program. This program allows team members to share the first-hand experience they’ve gained in every step of the process with managers to ensure products are manufactured and delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible, and partners are up-to-speed on the status of their orders.

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“Clear, timely, and transparent communication with our distribution and their customers was also key to our success in navigating supply chain disruptions,” Stephanie added. “Bad news does not get better over time, so freely sharing updates from our suppliers and any adverse impacts that may result proved to be essential in mitigating issues.”

Optimizing Space and Time

Want to learn more about Spacesaver’s supply chain team, its processes, and the results they have achieved in these turbulent times? Check out the Supply Chain World Magazine article and/or reach out to our team to set up a conversation!

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