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Touchless Spa Lockers

Increasing capacity, saving time, and improving aesthetics.

September 14th, 2020 - less than a minute read

This Nordic-style spa provides a unique hydrotherapy experience, but the two outdated locker rooms definitely didn’t fit with the vibe of the rest of the property. The old key-operated lockers were a constant source of frustration. Not only were they unsightly, but guests would lose their keys, reducing the spa’s capacity to welcome guests. That in turn resulted in decreased revenue and lost staff time.

Staff wanted new “touchless” spa lockers that would increase the number of guests they could accommodate, so they called on their local Spacesaver consultant.

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Touchless Spa Lockers

The Spacesaver consultant worked with Spacesaver’s in-house engineering teams and staff at the spa to design two new locker rooms with spa lockers and benches that would maintain a feeling of spaciousness while maximizing capacity, along with touchless RFID locks that would eliminate lost keys.

touchless spa lockers

Welcoming more guests

Together they created two-tiered lockers that feature a steel structure finished with sleek high-pressure laminate doors.

Each touchless spa locker has an RFID lock that works with branded spa wristbands. Patrons simply choose an empty locker to use, close the door, and place their wristband against the RFID panel to lock it.

The new locker rooms have 80 more locker openings in the same footprint.

The Spacesaver touchless spa lockers:

  • Added 80 locker openings to the same space
  • Eliminate the frustration and wasted time associated with lost keys
  • Tie in with the spa’s serene aesthetics
custom configured locker room locker

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