How to Integrate Lighting with Mobile Vertical Racking

How to Integrate Cannabis Lighting with Mobile Vertical Racking

A complete solution for lighting, HVAC, and other accessories.

Configurability and flexibility are essential in indoor cannabis grows, and Spacesaver continues to refine and expand its product offerings to support flexible vertical racking solutions.

We’ve worked closely with cannabis consultants at Hawthorne Gardening Co. to ensure that our Widespan GROW racking offers the safest and most durable options for indoor agriculture, and now our racking is even more adaptable and compatible with horticultural accessories.

vertical grow shelving system lighting intergration

New supports offer convenience and flexibility in indoor growing environments

The new Spacesaver GROW front-to-back supports are multifunctional: they provide sturdy support for shelving and trays while also offering hanging points for lighting, ventilation, and other accessories.

These hanging points are positioned to provide a level hanging surface and were designed specifically to integrate Gavita lighting from Hawthorne Gardening Co., although they can be used with any horticultural accessory.

The new supports are standard on Spacesaver’s GROW systems and offer growers the ability to integrate lighting and other accessories with mobile vertical racking to optimize space and streamline workflows in indoor grows.

Learn more about mobile vertical racking for cannabis grows and indoor farming:

  • Increase yields in the same square footage
  • Save resources
  • Improve workflows
  • Keep employees safe
cannabis vertical rack moveable system

Connect with the experts in mobile vertical racking for cannabis

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