San Francisco, California

High-Yield Cannabis Grow Facility

Spacesaver helps a California cannabis grow facility maximize space, boost yields, and ensure employee safety.

Planning for Expensive Space

Real estate costs are soaring, so optimizing space can have a huge impact on your bottom line. This indoor cannabis grow uses Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System to gain higher yields and streamline workflows, without having to build expensive additions or construct a new facility.

Beyond real estate expenses, the growers have to keep the air inside the building controlled for temperature and humidity. The larger the facility, the higher the costs, so saving space is important.

The Vertical GROW Mobile Solutions

Static Tables

The growers' first attempt at saving space involved placing plants on low tables. The aisles were narrow and cramped, and the tables were too wide for the employees to comfortably reach across.

Two-tier Shelves that Move

The new commercial grow room setup doubled the growing area and improved working conditions. Two levels of Spacesaver's wide-span shelving on the ActivRAC® Mobilized Shelving System formed the core of the new floorplan.

The company’s owners worked with the local Spacesaver consultant to design a new grow room floorplan using ActivRAC. The ActivRAC Mobile System consists of shelving or pallet racking mounted on “carriages” that move along rails installed into or on top of the floor.

Learn More About Our System

Download the full story to see how our systems have performed day after day, year after year, in this California medical cannabis grow facility. Or talk with our experts and get a virtual GROW Mobile System product presentation.

two tier cannabis vertical grow system
mature cannabis on spacesaver grow mobile system
commercial cannabis grow mobile system
mature cannabis on a high-density mobile grow system
"Our goal is to maximize our space — and we’ve been able to do it with Spacesaver’s help."

- General Manager, Cannabis Grow Facility

The medical cannabis facility gained these benefits:

Optimized space

Every Spacesaver system is custom designed to make the best use of available space. The rows in this facility are 42 feet long, and staff are able to move the rows effortlessly with mechanical-assist handles.

Higher yields

Because the Spacesaver system is so strong, it’s able to support multiple levels of plants, lights, fans, and irrigation systems. This facility opted for two levels, dramatically increasing yields.

A strong, reliable system

Spacesaver’s experience with industrial warehouses throughout North America has resulted in a robust, reliable system that allows users to move heavy loads with ease.

Cannabis under a wire fence on a grow mobile system
Trellises and netting help keep the cannabis plants from sprawling into the aisles, where they might get bumped or broken.
Cannabis under a wire fence on a grow mobile system
This facility grows taller strains on the bottom rows and smaller strains on the upper level.
A phased approach

The increased productivity in one flower room justified the need for more ActivRAC systems in additional rooms. In each case we worked with staff to minimize disruption and downtime, timing new system installation to coincide with the end of each room’s harvest.

Safety and Ergonomics

The new flower room setup features four-foot-wide tables that make it easy for employees to reach every plant. Aisles can be opened and locked for safety, and aisle widths can be adjusted as needed.

Code compliance

Spacesaver’s team has decades of experience in working with architects, builders, and local officials to ensure that our systems are in compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

staff memeber operating mechanical assist grow mobile system
Staff use mechanical-assist handles to open aisles wherever they’re needed.
grow staff working on cannabis plants
The aisles are wide enough to allow multiple employees to work on both sides of the rows.
close up of cannabis leaves under a wire fence
Proper spacing allows adequate exposure to light, which encourages bud formation.
cannabis plants under a wire fence on a vertical grow system
"We went from 10 tables to 18, and now we have way more aisle space. That keeps the employees safe and happy."

- General Manager, Medical Cannabis Grow Facility