Cameron, Missouri

Maximizing Cannabis Yield by Growing Vertical

See how vertical cannabis growing systems can help increase yield and efficiency for cultivators. Go behind the scenes at this Missouri facility
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cannabis plants on racking system in grow facility

Answering the Call

Following Missouri’s legalization of medical marijuana cultivation by ballot initiative in 2018, Spacesaver’s local consultant kept a close eye on regulatory developments. As soon as a list of approved cultivators was released in late 2020, the consultant began calling new licensees to help add efficient systems to their operation. One of those calls connected Spacesaver with Matt Holland, Cultivation Director for Bloom Medicinals.

cannabis plants on two tier cannabis racks in flowering room
The system’s two-tiered configuration provided space for increased yield and more accessible care.
"Spacesaver’s consultant contacted us very early on in our planning of the buildout. We looked into three or four other companies and was in touch with them, ultimately it came down to Spacesaver offering not only the best quote, but the ability to give us the personal attention we needed."

- Matt Holland, Cultivation Director, Bloom Medicinals

Integration Lighting, Water, Air Flow & More

Bloom Medicinals was familiar with competitors’ aluminum-based products and knew their carriages should be made of a more durable material like steel. Coming from a facility that operated with a single tier grow platform, Bloom’s cultivators had concerns about potential challenges – lighting, drainage, fertigation, and cost – but were open to learning more about the benefits of Spacesaver’s multi-tier GROW system. Knowing this, Spacesaver’s consultant took the time to walkthrough the versatile features and benefits of the GROW mobile system and put Bloom’s team at ease.

Understand your options.

Our GROW Mobile System guide explains how components and accessories work together to create efficient growing environments.

Maximizing Canopy with Careful Configuration

The state of Missouri limits canopy area at 30,000 SF, which was a major consideration in designing the layout of storage systems. Throughout the built-out portion of the facility, rooms are all approximately 30’ x 40’ with 16’ ceilings. Not an issue until you factor in that three of these rooms have structural columns located in different sections of the room, eliminating the possibility of a replicable layout in each room.

cannabis vertical grow racking mobile system
indoor cannabis cultivation room with vertical grow racks
Able to accommodate most floorplans, Spacesaver’s mobile and static shelving is designed to deliver greater efficiency to your space.
"The consultant really spent a lot of time ensuring we would get the maximum canopy for each room’s unique layout."

- Matt Holland, Cultivation Director, Bloom Medicinals

From Flowering Room to Drying Room

In some rooms the racks go different directions due to the column placement, causing the available canopy size to differ dramatically from room to room (1550 SF to 1200 SF depending on column number and placement). Knowing this, our consultant strategically adjusted the design of the systems to fit the space. Accomplishing this while respecting the health and safety of both parties’ team members and state regulations, led our consultant to finalize the details of the whole project online, while coordinating appointments with the architect and installers to take measurements.

As they are also drying plants in the facility, Bloom is utilizing a Spacesaver drying system including a mobile cart and one 12’-tall rack system. While it is a substantial size, it only covers one tenth of the drying area. As they continue to develop their process and expand further into their facility, they plan to add to the drying system to increase efficiency and yield.

cannabis on drying rack in indoor drying room
Preserving plant quality by minimizing overhandling, Spacesaver’s drying system allows seamless transfer from harvest to drying.

Preparing for the Next Tier of Growth

After diligently working through the process with all parties, our consultant was able to optimize space and maximize Bloom’s canopy by pairing two-tiered GROW mobile systems with Hawthorne trays and Gavita lighting systems.

"It (the drying system) is a very well-thought-out design, and we like it. When other growers come to visit, it is always one thing they are impressed by."

- Matt Holland, Cultivation Director, Bloom Medicinals

cannabis on vertical grow racking system
Durable and versatile, Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving is designed to integrate with a number of valuable grow-oriented accessories.
"We have no complaints whatsoever with the product. It’s great and it works as advertised and we haven’t had any issues with it at all. We’ve only been up and running for 6 months now with plants in the room, but we’ve been able to use every room with the racks and it’s worked great."

- Matt Holland, Cultivation Director, Bloom Medicinals

A Complete Solution Result

Now that they have been able to establish processes and become fully operational with plants in all their current spaces – encompassing approximately 8,000 SF of canopy – Bloom Medicinals is looking to expand its operation and develop additional ways to increase its impact in the greater Kansas City area.