Crime Lab Storage

A state police agency in the Northeast United States seeks a solution for the complexity of crime lab storage. Read to learn how Spacesaver solved their needs.
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Ask anyone who works in a crime lab, and chances are you’ll hear a constant challenge—how to store an increasing amount of biological evidence in a room or a lab that has no more space to spare.

This was the case for a police agency in Northeast United States. The agency grappled with managing property and processing evidence for 3,000 state troopers, and were wrestling with challenges in the critical functions of protecting evidence through the chain of custody in their crime lab storage, and, at the same time, providing secure, long-term evidence storage at its headquarters’ central repository. Another challenge was the construction of a new technology center that included separate trace/biological, ballistics, and Controlled and Substances (CDS) laboratories.

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The new crime lab storage drove the need for a storage solution that would:

  • Preserve the integrity of evidence throughout the chain of custody
  • Safely and securely store items such as weapons, ammunition, and CDs
  • Ensure that only authorized personnel would have access to evidence
  • Facilitate documentation of evidence handling at every step, through final disposition

At the technology center, Spacesaver was able to design a unique storage solution, featuring a unique mix of high-density mobile storage systems and non-pass-thru evidence lockers.