Mequon, Wisconsin

Securing the Key to Victory

Working with an aging wire storage system in an efficient space, Homestead’s administrators knew they needed to find a modern solution to house more than a dozen teams’ worth of totes, hanging uniforms, and specialized equipment.
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Equipment Room Challenges

In many high school sports, the difference between a win and a loss on the playing field can be a matter of inches. For equipment managers and school administrators, their inch-oriented wins are found in the athletic equipment room, where finite space meets ever-growing gear requirements for their respective teams.

high school staff checking equipment on shelving system

(Access + Security) Capacity = A Championship Equation

high school athletic equipment tubs on mobile shelving system
custom athletic equipment storage system holding jerseys and totes of gear
Football jerseys on hanging storage system at local high school

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high density mobile shelving system holding high school athletic gear

Free Up Wasted Aisle Space

With a growing interest in participation from student athletes and an increased focus on upgrading the look and safety of said athletes, Homestead High School in Southeastern Wisconsin reached out to their trusted Spacesaver solutions experts at Bradford Systems to add efficient storage to an underutilized space. The result was a robust lineup of mechanical-assist high-density mobile storage (HDMS) solutions that added capacity, safety, and new opportunities for the managers, coaches, and athletes at the school.