Frederick, Maryland

Hood College Archives

Libraries often serve as de facto archives for their communities. Here’s how faculty and staff designed spaces to protect and preserve special collections in a campus library.
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Outgrowing storage space

Like many colleges and universities, Hood College has a rich history and holds precious memories for students, faculty, and staff. Unfortunately, though, the institution lacked a centralized and accessible place to store the physical objects associated with those historic events and everyday campus life.

Because the existing archives storage area was too small to store the growing collections, objects were stored where staff could find space. “This meant artifacts were often stored in attics or in closets where they couldn’t be enjoyed by library users,” said Mary Atwell, Archivist and Collection Development Services Librarian.

"We outgrew the designated space."

- Toby Peterson, Library Director

local community library collection storage room
"Academic libraries can have overlap in their collections, but a library’s special collections are often what makes it truly unique."

- Mary Atwell, Archivist and Collection Development Services Librarian

Complete Solutions for Archival Storage in the Library

The Baltimore-based Spacesaver consultant visited the library to look at the space and learn more about the collections. “She had knowledge of libraries and archives and she took the time to listen to our needs,” Peterson said. “She measured our collections, toured our space, and quickly presented a plan to address our current preservation needs while also allowing for future growth.”

Together they designed a workroom and a collections storage area that protects materials, provides convenient access to stored items, and offers room for the collection to grow as time goes by.

In the workroom, counter-height 4-Post shelving and overhead cantilever shelving provides space for students, staff, and faculty to process and work with the collections.

conservator workspace shelving storage
collection of paintings on hanging art racks
"The quality of Spacesaver’s product is only outdone by the quality of their people."

- Toby Peterson, Library Director

The archives and special collections are now consolidated in one location.

mechanical assist shelving system holding community collection
Compactors optimize space and provide room to grow.
rolled banner racking in community college library
Every year, the graduating class presents a banner to the college. The banners are stored on Spacesaver’s rolled textile racks.
framed art on shelving with dividers
Framed art and plaques are stored on 4-Post shelving fitted with dividers.
mechanical assist storage system for library archives

Efficient Collections Storage and a New Work Area

Now the college has plenty of room to preserve and protect items in its special collections area. Student interns can even gain hands-on experience in processing items and performing other archival tasks. The archive supports engaging classes with materials from the library’s special collections.

Spacesaver’s in-person design assistance and ability to manufacture a wide variety of collections storage equipment was key to the project’s success, Peterson said. “We’ve been a customer of Spacesaver for many years, so we already knew the product was excellent,” he said. “We really wanted to deal with a company that would stand behind their product, and the local consultants were outstanding.”