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Vertical Grow Racks for Cannabis

Spacesaver’s durable and versatile Widespan GROW racking provides long-term support for cannabis plants, pots, supplies, and accessories to help create an optimal indoor grow environment. Widespan GROW is designed to provide ultimate flexibility while enhancing Spacesaver’s reputation for reliability, strength, durability, and safety.

vertical cannabis racking widespan shelving

Designed to incorporate horticultural accessories such as HVAC, lighting, and irrigation systems.

Vertical Racking

All three of our shelving options, Knockdown Widespan, RaptorRAC(TM) Widespan, and our Widespan GROW Racking are all constructed of heavy-duty steel. Our Widespan GROW shelving is designed with welded uprights to maximize the “window” opening to integrate accessories while providing stable, long-term support for plants, pots and everything else you need to create an optimal growing environment. When mounted on the ActivRAC 3M Mobile System, this cannabis vertical racking solution optimizes space vertically and horizontally to create maximum growing area.

Standard Features

  1. Constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel
  2. Fully welded uprights with horizontal bracing provide large opening to accommodate lights, ventilation systems, or other accessories
  3. GROW White paint designed for UV exposure and humid environments, with high reflectivity, excellent colorfastness, and antimicrobial properties
  4. Steel GROW Trays
  5. Can be installed on the floor or on the ActivRAC 3M Mobile System

Set Up for Success

indoor growing drainage tray

Steel trays

Steel trays provide strength and durability with minimal maintenance. Available in a range of sizes.

indoor vertical grow racking antimicrobial paint

Powder-Coat Paint

Available in highly reflective, antimicrobial GROW White or the 32 powder-coat paint colors in Spacesaver’s shelving product line.

cannabis indoor growing system accessories

Optimal Spacing

Unique welded design offers large opening to accommodate lights and other accessories.

high quality indoor grow shelving

Design Flexibility

Uprights, beams, and decking are available in a variety of configured heights, widths, and depths.

Optional Accessories

cannabis grow trays


indoor growing drainage tray

Steel GROW Inserts

Promotes air flow and prevent mildew build up and accommodates all shelving sizes.

Optional Accessories

indoor growing drainage tray

Steel GROW Inserts

Promotes air flow and prevent mildew build up and accommodates all shelving sizes.

universal mounting bracket indoor vertical grow racks

Universal Mounting Bracket

Mount controls for lighting, irrigation, and other systems on durable brackets.

pantography electric wire cover indoor vertical grow rack


Designed to eliminate draping electrical wires from carriage to carriage. Available in two different sizes depending on aisle width.

plumbing irrigation indoor vertical grow racks

Plumbing Bracket

Provides cultivators a standard hanging option for irrigation or other accessories.

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GROW more with us!

If you’re looking for guidance on lighting, ventilation, or other systems, we’ll connect you with the experts at Hawthorne Gardening Co. Our GROW system can accommodate all Hawthorne products. Learn more about our partnership.

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