Strategic Supply Management

The best pharmacy shelving solutions provide dense storage capacity, easy access, and good visibility. Spacesaver’s pharmacy storage helps make the most of limited space, offering solutions to better organize and manage medication supply, boost security, improve workflows, and create flexibility to easily adapt as needs change.

cantilever shelving with bins in a pharmacy
spacesaver pharmastor high-density medicine supply shelving
mechanical assist mobile shelving in a pharmacy with bins

Bulk Storage

Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage helps organize, save space, and achieve compliance. Compact shelving systems accommodate a broad mix of containers and packaging, turning wasted aisle space into productive medical storage space.

Solutions for every department's unique storage need.
Support for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.
Designed to store supplies of all shapes and sizes.
Suited for a wide range of temperature requirements.

Unit Dose Storage

FrameWRX® Storage System, one of the most adaptable medical storage systems available, is highly modular and fully flexible — perfect for changing needs.

  • Hang storage bins, tray-style shelves, and pegs to maximize your medication storage.
  • Use the integrated work surface option to place workspaces within the storage space — perfect for unit dose picking areas.
  • Optimize workspaces and change pharmacy shelving as needs change for patients.
  • Unit dose storage solutions provide dense storage, utilizing the space as efficiently as possible, allowing drugs to be kept in their own bin, peg, or tray, to help eliminate errors.
  • Learn how the Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre utilized FrameWRX® to create a smart, efficient storage strategy.
  • See how this hospital in Quebec was able to find a way to distribute medication securely and accurately without a pharmacist on-site for 24 hours per day.
healthcare secure pharmacy lockers

Narcotics Storage

Special drugs require special storage solutions. To meet necessary security requirements for narcotics, storage systems should offer locking capabilities, an audit trail, or both. See what Spacesaver can offer:

Total Healthcare Solutions

Spacesaver understands the needs of the healthcare system and the unique solutions needed in the following places:

pharmacy work room speciality storage

Why Spacesaver?

Spacesaver and our network of local consultants can help design, build, install, and maintain flexible storage systems that integrate with existing equipment while saving space and providing room to grow. We have been engineering and manufacturing high-quality, durable solutions in the US for storing medical supplies and so much more for over 50 years. Learn more about Spacesaver’s healthcare storage solutions and sign up for a free site assessment today.