Strategic Supply Management

Labs come with a unique set of design requirements, one of which is unique storage needs. The right storage can help create more space in these environments, which is critical to avoiding overcrowding. Utilizing proper lab storage systems can also allow teams to work more efficiently and safely, protecting both lab users and expensive lab equipment.

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Laboratory Equipment Storage Challenges

  • Space constraints due to the sheer volume of laboratory supplies.
  • Storage of chemicals due to the dangers associated with fumes.
  • Safety of teams working in the laboratory.
  • Balancing access to lab supplies with proper security measures.
  • Keeping personal belongings separated from fragile equipment and supplies.
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Why Spacesaver?

Spacesaver and our network of local consultants can help design, build, install, and maintain flexible storage systems that integrate with existing lab shelving and equipment while saving space and providing room to grow. We have been engineering and manufacturing high-quality, durable solutions in the US for laboratory organization supplies and so much more for over 50 years.


Spacesaver’s laboratory storage products can be purchased at significant savings through GSA contracts, various state contracts, Sourcewell, and OMNIA Partners.

Lab Storage System Solutions

high-density mobile system lab shelving

High-Density Mobile

Eliminate fixed aisles, creating movable aisles that compact storage space. Double your storage capacity and improve visibility, safety, and ventilation with Spacesavers High-Density Mobile systems. Promote safety and organization for students and faculty with Spacesaver’s science lab storage options.

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4-Post Shelving Systems

With full selectivity and visibility, Spacesaver shelving systems simplify inventory control and facilitate compliance.

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Day Use Lockers

Provide convenient storage for personal items, keeping them separate from the lab environment. Get inspired by how this lab utilized Day Use Lockers to create change.

Total Healthcare Solutions

Spacesaver understands the needs of the healthcare system and the unique solutions needed in the following places: