Sterile Supply & Operating Room Storage

Strategic Supply Management

Healthcare Storage Challenges

The three main challenges within the healthcare arena are improving patient care, controlling costs, and saving space. Knowing that sterile storage is crucial to every hospital’s patient care strategy, embracing best practices for medical supply management can:

  • Keep supplies organized, accessible, and clean
  • Better manage inventory and workflows
  • Save space by optimizing every cubic inch
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Operating Room Storage

During surgery, quick and easy access to sterile supplies is critical. Spacesaver’s procedures and operating room storage balances environmental control with ready accessibility to keep things running smoothly—and to maximize storage density in the surgical suite. Here’s how:

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Save Space

Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Systems allow you to store significantly more supplies in your existing space by eliminating wasted aisle space. Shelving units slide on rails to eliminate wasted aisles. Systems can be designed with aisles of virtually any width, allowing plenty of space to accommodate carts.

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Be Accessible

Ergonomically designed to improve visibility, accessibility, and organization of operating room storage. 4-post and Cantilever Shelving can be configured to fit exactly what is being stored and can change as hospital material management needs change. Glass or Plexiglass doors keep supplies dust free, and allow for quick identification of coronary stents, dressing, catheter storage, and other items.

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Keep Organized

Gauze, bandages, and other surgical supplies need to be organized so staff can quickly find what they need. Plastic bins are often the most effective storage solution for large quantities of smaller items. Plastic storage bins can simply be set on top of shelving or installed on Spacesaver’s EZ Rail® element to save even more space.

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Stay Cool

Cold storage is an essential component in the healthcare environment, but it’s also expensive. A full cooler is a more efficient cooler, and we can help eliminate wasted space by compactly storing materials on a high-density mobile storage system. Learn more.

AIA Presentation: Designing Healthcare Facilities

Designing Healthcare Facilities

Learn how to improve patient care, control costs and save space within the healthcare environment. This presentation can count toward 1 AIA/IDEC/HSW LU credit.

Total Healthcare Solutions

Spacesaver understands the needs of the healthcare system and the unique solutions needed in the following places:

A Systematic Approach to Healthcare Storage

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Why Spacesaver?

Spacesaver and our network of local consultants can help design, build, install, and maintain flexible storage systems that integrate with existing equipment while saving space and providing room to grow. We have been engineering and manufacturing high-quality, durable storage solutions in the US for medical supplies and so much more for over 50 years. Let us know how we can help!