Campus Spaces That Reflect Your Mission

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Reimagine Your Library & Archives

Whether your library is moving collections off-site to make space for new amenities or looking for more flexibility to future-proof your space, we offer customizable solutions that blend with your campus environment while providing the functionality you need. We also offer Day Use Lockers for personal storage and museum-quality cabinets to protect special collections and university archives.

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Showcase Athletic Programs & Serve Student-Athletes

An equipment room is much more than a storage space. It’s a recruiting tool and a way to protect your investment in equipment. We’ll work with your team to design a system that makes the most of your space, allows you to retrieve equipment, helmets, uniforms, repair parts and tools quickly, and serves as a source of pride for your program.

With everything in its place, you can keep your focus on serving athletes and winning games.

Protect & Showcase Collections

University museums and galleries provide training for the next generation of curators, conservators, and other professionals. We understand that university museums have unique needs, particularly when it comes to collections storage areas and faculty research collections.

Read on to discover how these university museums use high-density compactors, visible storage solutions, and excellent organizational strategies to care for collections while also providing in-depth educational experiences.

Keep Lab Equipment Safe & Organized

Labs and academic buildings are key to not only attracting great students and faculty, but also providing students with an excellent learning experience. Laboratory storage systems need to keep students safe, protect expensive and potentially hazardous lab supplies and equipment, and keep everything organized and accessible.

Storage in science labs is particularly challenging because labs need to provide plenty of space for students and researchers to work, while also storing equipment and materials like fragile glassware and electronics, combustible fuel, and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Before staff or students enter the lab, provide Day Use Lockers near the entrance to ensure that food, drink, and other prohibited items are securely stored.

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Campus Space Planning Insights

Universities are like small cities, with a variety of facilities from libraries and sports arenas to police departments and hospitals. It takes a lot of work — and a lot of supplies and equipment — to keep all those buildings running. That’s why campus space management is so important. Check out our AIA Continuing Education Couse on ‘Integrated Storage Across Campus’ or download our Lookbook for more information and ideas.

Campus Police Personal Storage Lockers

Fast Response Locker for discrete firearm storage anywhere on campus.

Campus Police Evidence Storage Lockers

Evidence Lockers with multiple configuration options for secure evidence deposit.

Campus Police Secure Gun Safe

Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers for officers to safely store their weapons upon entering secure areas.

Keeping Campus Safe

Campus police departments are similar to other law enforcement organizations in many ways: their overall mission is to promote a safe and secure environment and maintain good relationships with the people they serve. But due to jurisdiction issues and other considerations, the equipment and storage needs of campus police departments are somewhat different than their counterparts.

Flex Spaces for Today, Adaptability for What’s Next

Future-proof your campus with flexible spaces that accommodate a variety of needs and can adapt to new purposes on-the-fly.

Campus Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative Workspaces

Sleek Day-Use Lockers with built-in charging, seating, technology, and whiteboards provide modular storage.

Student Center Campus Spaces

Student Centers

Create adaptable, one-of-a-kind learning and collaboration spaces on-the-fly with moveable walls.

campus makerspace


Add an element of functional storage to work stations, protect the supplies you’ve invested in, and securely store student projects until they return.

Academic Buildings

Whether you need to secure expensive supplies and lab equipment or create innovative informal learning spaces, we offer a host of solutions.

Performing Arts

Protect & organize instruments, sheet music, costumes, and props.

Rec Center

From extra sports equipment to outdoor adventure gear, we’ve got the storage covered.

Healthcare Center

University hospitals and on-campus health clinics treat hundreds of patients every day, and having quick access to sterile supplies allows staff more time with those patients.

College Academic Collaboration Areas
Rec Center Equipment Storage
campus medial personal storage

Read the Campus Design Trends Guide

Campus Design Trends

Rapidly changing technology, along with evolving preferences for quiet study and collaborative meeting spaces, have created demand for flexible spaces that can adapt to a variety of needs. See how we can help design functional and flexible spaces on your campus.

Warehouses & Maintenance

Campus warehouses support the entire campus and pose unique storage challenges. Some items might sit in a warehouse for months or years before they’re put to use, while others, like surplus office furniture, might need to be housed in the warehouse for less than a week before they’re sold or repurposed. Some tips on campus warehouse organization:

Discover the Possibilities

For nearly 50 years, Spacesaver has been a trusted partner in helping higher education architects, administrators, and others understand the complexities involved in planning and designing effective learning spaces. Our network of local distributors offers space planning services, product installation, and ongoing service and maintenance by factory-certified technicians.