Widespan Shelving

Built With Purpose

Spacesaver's rugged and versatile RaptorRAC® Widespan shelving is the perfect solution when standard 4-Post shelving isn't enough to meet your unique space and heavy-duty storage requirements. Designed for durability and efficient storage of heavy and bulky items, RaptorRAC provides the ideal solution for static applications and can be seamlessly integrated with Spacesaver’s wide range of industry-leading mobile systems.

The ideal choice for back room and warehouse storage needs, the RaptorRAC storage system delivers long-lasting and dependable support for applications within healthcare, museums and archives, government, public safety, business, and manufacturing sectors.

spacesaver widespan metal shelving
art preserve raptorac widespan shelving
Widespan Raptorac shelving with drawers
Raptorac widespan shelving with artifacts

Built To Last

Manufactured in the USA, RaptorRAC heavy-duty storage systems feature a roll-formed, boxed-style upright post design to provide optimum structural integrity. Constructed of recycled steel, not only will your RaptorRAC storage system last longer than standard aluminum shelving, it can also be repurposed over and over again.

widespan Raptorac museum shelving
Strength & Durability

Diagonal “Z” beam design provides strength and stability to support loads over wide spans.

map storage on widespan RaptorRAC shelving

Features two upright design options, two beam options (standard and heavy duty), and three decking options to provide maximum flexibility when in customizing your storage.

widespan Raptorac museum shelving
Flexibility & Adjustability

With no tools required for adjustment, assembly, or disassembly, the system can be quickly installed or relocated. A wide variety of standard and configured sizes ensures a perfect storage solution for any space.

Built For You

RaptorRAC’s wide range of standard and specialized sizes make it possible to build a custom shelving system for your needs. From supports, to decking, to color selections, RaptorRAC’s versatile configuration options ensure our solutions align to the fit and function of your space.

raptorac widespan diagram