High-Bay Shelving

From storing evidence to archival storage within education facilities, space-starved organizations are facing growing pressure to find new ways to get more use and profit out of less and less space.

empty highbay shelving system
High-bay shelving at university of Alberta
High-bay shelving at university of Alberta
University of calgary highbay shelving system

Protecting & Preserving to the Highest Extent

Static high-bay storage solutions can be essential to reclaiming and optimizing your facility. These systems efficiently utilize vertical space, leaving your floor area uncluttered and dramatically increasing storage capacity. Spacesaver’s High-Bay Shelving's potential is boundless, allowing you to envision and create spaces such as community rooms, coffee shops, or lounges.

High-bay storage provides a range of shelving options, all customized to suit your precise requirements. Our local experts stand ready to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect static high-bay storage solution.

When you choose Spacesaver, you not only benefit from collaborating with local professionals, but also from our products that are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. Experience the transformational power of static high-bay storage today.

highbay diagram showing advantages
highbay diagram showing advantages
highbay diagram showing advantages

Industry Leading Solutions

Spacesaver Static High-Bay Shelving Systems maximize vertical space to more effectively store items such as book trays, archival boxes, and so much more. Shelves are adjusted based on book size or box type to condense collections and utilize as much space as possible.

Spacesaver is the industry leader in high-bay shelving, holding the patent on XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems – a solution that can take your storage to new heights. Both static and mobile systems can extend up to 35 feet high and are frequently used in off-site storage facilities. Contact us today to learn how high-bay storage can work for you.

austin university highbay static shelving storage

Why Off-Site Storage?

Prestigious Institutions, Public Safety Departments, Museums, and many more industries have chosen high-bay for their off-site locations for many reasons. In urban settings, limited space prevents expansion, while adjacent lots might be costly. Institutions situated in historic or architectural buildings choose off-site options to avoid compromising their aesthetic charm. Learn how off-site storage facilities can provide a comprehensive, long-term solution to your institution’s storage concerns.

Real Life Situations – Education

The Western Michigan University Archive Storage is a prime example.

"Having all of the collections under one roof seemed to make a great deal of sense. It also made a great deal of economic sense for the university, because they were maintaining some very outdated buildings.”

-Sharon Carlson, Archives and Regional History Collections Western Michigan University

A new Collections Center was built like nothing the campus has seen before; no wood-paneled shelves, no green-shaded lamps, and no rolling ladders. Documents now can be stacked as high as three stories in high-bay systems, with shelves stretching from floor to ceiling. This new high-bay storage solution allows Western Michigan University to work with researchers and provide quick, easy access to materials in a well-organized shelving structure.

highbay shelving for evidence in Volusia County

Real Life Cases – Public Safety

Evidence accumulates year after year which leads to unnecessary storage problems. Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Facility typically takes on 20,000 evidentiary items EVERY year.

Knowing Spacesaver is the industry leader in high-bay shelving, the project planning team called on their local Spacesaver consultant for assistance. They worked together for the next four years to design a high-bay shelving system, along with a variety of other solutions, to help keep evidence organized and secure.

The result is an end-to-end evidence storage and retrieval system that helps ensure that evidence is secure, and justice is served. The fully optimized storage facility also has plenty of room to grow in the future, and the Sheriff’s Office has maintained its CALEA accreditation.

highbay shelving with collections

Real Life Cases – Library

When the time came to consider expanding its off-site facility, The University of Calgary arrived at a new approach. The design team wanted to push beyond the concept of a typical off-site “warehouse” model to consolidate vital services and better integrate with on-campus services.

To achieve these goals, the University of Calgary added to its original high-bay facility. One addition featured Spacesaver XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems to keep materials organized and protected, and the other featured office space and work areas.

In the end, the expanded facility shows how a modern university can care for and share its collections in a way that best serves the academic community now and into the future.

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With high-bay solutions able to extend up to thirty-five feet high to meet the peak of the vertical space in your facility, you too will be able to reach new heights. See how our off-site storage solutions work by requesting a quote!