Intermodal Storage Solutions

Intermodal Storage Solutions increase readiness and optimize space with durable, stackable intermodal transport containers and crates.

Lives depend on military shelters, UTVs, and other gear, so it’s essential to keep them organized and in top condition. This gear takes up a lot of space, and building wooden crates for transport takes up time that could be better spent training or preparing to deploy. That’s why Spacesaver offers metal transport crates that are stackable, durable, and optimally sized for storing and shipping essential gear.

spacesaver intermodal storage solutions for military

Rapid Readiness Box

The better way to ship, store, and use military supplies.

Looking for an efficient alternative to wooden shipping crates? Spacesaver’s Rapid Readiness Box is a durable and secure transport crate that makes it easy to pack, ship, store, and use military gear. Originally designed to store and transport expeditionary shelters in intermodal transport containers, the Rapid Readiness Box can also be used for tools, communications gear, and other military supplies.

military steel transport container

Ship It

Fits in 20’ ISO Containers, TRICON Type 2 Containers, and on 463L pallets

military cargo pallet crate

Store It

Stack to reduce footprint

deployable metal transport container

Use It

Sides and lids lift off for easy access

Increase Readiness

Store it how you ship it! No more building, repairing, and re-packing wooden crates. Use metal transport crates to save time and increase readiness.

stacked pallet racking reusable metal crate
military shelter packing crate
transport military shelter equipment

Ready to Deploy

Modular configurations optimize space in intermodal shipping containers.

military cargo container
10 fit inside a 20’ ISO Container (90”L x 45”W x 40-3/16”H)
military modular container
8 fit inside a 20’ ISO Container (90”L x 56”W x 40-3/16”H)
military metal shipping crate
4 fit inside a Tricon Type 2 Container (72”L x 42”W x 38”H)
military intermodal container
4 will stack on a 463L Pallet (82”L x 51”W x 43-1/2”H)

Mobility Crate

Save space when storing and transporting UTVs and other equipment.

Need an efficient way to store utility terrain vehicles (UTV)? Spacesaver’s Mobility Crate is a mission-ready UTV rack that reduces storage area needs while still providing ready access for testing and deployment. These units are stackable, collapsible, dual-entry, and galvanized for long-term exterior or interior use.

utv stacking storage cage

Connect with the Military Cargo Experts

When you’re ready to save space and improve efficiency in military storage and transport, contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver consultant. We’ve been designing innovative storage solutions side-by-side with the military for nearly 50 years, and we’d like to work with you, too. All our products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.