Weapons Shipping Container

Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)

Built off the TriCon & ISU-90 shipping container platforms, Spacesaver’s Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS) is the most secure way to store and ship weapons while maximizing readiness. The UEWSS consolidates weapons in a standard-size TriCon or ISU-90 container, ensuring that all branches of the military can transport weapons securely while also saving time and space.

universal expeditionary weapons storage system - shipping container
tricon based UEWSS outfitted for weapons storage

Save Time & Effort

So, to help save time and allow personnel to expend their energy on other projects, the Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS) – equipped with forklift access – was developed.

With the UEWSS, units on the move have a revolutionary new option for secure weapons deployment. Our engineers worked with the Navy to create the solution, which is the first custom integrated Type 1 TriCon container capable of storing, shipping, and supporting modern small arms and crew-served weapons with associated repair parts and collateral gear.

Save Space

Weapons racks can take up valuable space on transport vehicles. One TriCon can hold the contents of multiple weapons racks, and their standard size allows them to be stored and stacked on flatbeds, as well as shipped via the air.

hooks on floor of UEWSS storage container
cabinet drawer within Tricon UEWSS storage container
Tricon shipping container UEWSS outfitted for storing long guns
pistol storage in Tricon UEWSS storage container

Versatility On the Move

Why Spacesaver?

For 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to protect investments, secure assets, and enable more efficient use of space. All our products are manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards to stand the test of time.

Security, Quality, & Durability

Spacesaver has been a leading storage partner for the U.S. military for decades. This collaboration enables our engineering teams to build best-in-class solutions specifically for your needs.


Our range of products – including the Universal™ Weapon Rack – help modernize capabilities and enhance readiness across all departments.


As armories evolve, Spacesaver products are ready to adapt. Our team of engineers can develop custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

Local Expertise & Experience

With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space planning assistance by knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians.