Project Initiatiom

Inviting your local Spacesaver representative to be part of the planning team for your law enforcement facility design can create a seamless partnership between department personnel and the facility’s architecture and design team. We can put together drawings, cost benefits, and more, making it easy for you to explain the benefits of smart storage to your constituents.


Project Planning/Pre-design

Your architect or general contractor is certainly able to conduct a space needs analysis—but it’s helpful to have a storage expert involved as well. We can help you talk through sizes for specific areas of the facility and make sure you consider all of your future needs—especially when it comes to planning for evidence storage.


Budgeting & Funding

Storage, shelving, and furniture are critical components to consider when developing a preliminary project design and associated costs. We’ll work with you on devising a proper budget for these components. We can also offer deep discounts to members of cooperative purchasing groups like state contracts, GSA, NJPA, and National IPA.


Design & Delivery

It’s our goal to see every project through. That’s why we work side-by-side with your selected architect and general contractor to install our products ourselves and establish a timeline for each part of your project’s installation.

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