Gear Lockers

Gear and supplies are critical components for achieving success no matter what your specific mission is. Whether your title is Police Chief, Sergeant, or Quartermaster, your needs are as unique as the solutions we provide. Spacesaver’s customizable gear lockers are designed to securely store supplies and bulky gear and can be configured to solve your specific storage problems.

personal duty gear lockers for public safety officer
spacever gear locker - large cubby lockers
spaceaver gear locker for safe paint and chemical storage
spacer gear locker - locker bank
spacesaver large military gear lockers
gear locker configurations with lock options

Product Details

Spacesaver’s rugged all-steel equipment storage and gear lockers are built to last in demanding applications. The modular design of the Tactical Readiness Lockers (TRL) Storage System provides the flexibility to fulfill a variety of gear storage needs, ensuring security requirements are met.

gear locker suggested configuration options
skokie duty gear bag locker 3-tier configurations
The Skokie Police Department installed gear lockers for their officers in the corridor connecting the department’s roll-call room with their parking garage.
skokie duty gear bag locker 3-tier configurations
Adjacent to the garage at Arlington Heights Police Department, police lockers store rifles and duty bags, allowing officers to collect their gear en route to their patrol cars.
ta 50 style gear locker from full height to multi tier
TA-50 Style Lockers

A staple in the military market, the TA-50 locker is the perfect solution for securely storing gear and supplies. Its configurable shelves allow the flexibility to accommodate nearly any item ranging in size from small to large, extending its presence far beyond its origin in the military market.

open gear bag locker
Multi-Tiered Gear Lockers

Spacesaver’s multi-tiered gear lockers offer the flexibility and security required to store items ranging from a student athlete’s duffle bag to the gear a police officer uses in the line of duty. In addition to their flexibility, these all-steel, welded lockers are durable enough to stand the test of time.

public safety locker room and gym storage solution
Locker Room Solutions

Are you looking for solutions that are better suited for uniforms or personal items? Check out Spacesaver’s Personal Storage Lockers for all the accessories and configurations.