Planning Long-Term Evidence Storage

High-Density Solutions Provide Room to Grow

Spacesaver’s temporary evidence lockers and high-density storage systems are ideal for storing evidence over the short term. But for large evidence rooms and warehouses, a standard compact mobile storage solution might not be enough. Spacesaver offers our heavy-duty high-density mobile storage system, ActivRAC®, as well as XTend®, an archival high-bay solution available as a static or mobile option. These storage solutions provide maximum storage density, allowing you to plan for smarter long-term evidence storage right from the start.

High Security Evidence Storage

High-profile evidence such as narcotics, weapons, and currency need to be stored separately from general property and evidence, and they also need additional security and documentation. We can partner with you to create a solution that keeps this type of evidence safe and secure.


We offer a locker that connects to ventilation system to vent odors and fumes to the building’s exterior.

Handgun Storage at Houston Police Department

We offer a variety of weapons storage solutions to keep weapons secure, organized, and close at hand.


Like other sensitive evidence, currency and valuables should be stored in an area with added security.

Long-term Evidence Storage Applications

Sexual Assault Kits

Learn how Spacesaver helps crime labs and the victims they serve by providing a number of solutions to create compact, secure storage solutions.

Bulk Storage

See Spacesaver’s widespan shelving and heavy-duty racking that accommodate large and bulky items.


Learn how large departments and shared warehouse facilities are storing large quantities of evidence.

Compact Storage

Our high-density compact storage systems can be used in cold rooms and other refrigerated facilities.

Heavy-duty Storage

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System eliminates wasted aisle space, creating an efficient storage solution for large or heavy evidence.

Off-site Storage

Large police departments in the US and Canada use large compact storage systems to make the most of vertical space while keeping evidence organized and accessible.

When Budgets are Tight

If budget cuts create a roadblock to getting your ideal evidence storage solution, we can do the next best thing. By optimizing static shelving for maximum storage density and planning a solution in phases, we can create an organized evidence room that makes sense for your needs and budget.

Current Evidence Shelving: Wasted Space


Proposed Evidence Shelving: Increase Space in Phases


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