High-Bay Mobile System

When on-site space is at a premium for institutions with collections that continue to grow, off-site storage solutions like Spacesaver’s high-bay shelving systems – the gold standard for storing boxes, books, or other materials in off-site facilities – can be the perfect fit. Similar to traditional shelving, our XTend® High-Bay Shelving extends up to 35 feet high to make the most of your facility’s vertical space.

powered mobile high-bay evidence storage system
highbay mobile shelving system
powered control for highbay shelving system
highbay mobile shelving system
highbay mobile shelving system

35 Feet of Storage

Our XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems eliminate wasted aisle space to provide even more capacity in off-site storage facilities. Both XTend static and mobile high-bay off-site storage systems offer:

  • Accessibility
  • Increased storage density
  • Protection of stored media
  • Strength and durability
  • Adjustability for future needs
Calgary police department highbay shelving mobile system

Product Details

Learn how UL Full System Listing listing and rigorous fire testing standards set Spacesaver apart from the competition.

Powered controls open aisles with the touch of a button
Non-off-gassing paint keeps media safe
Heavy-duty metal shelves with backstops keep stored media secure
Smooth shelves make it easy to slide out archive and book boxes
Anti-tip rails, safety sweep, and aisle-entry sensors ensure user safety
HVAC and fire suppression systems can be integrated with mobile high-bay system
Vertical design to maximize storage capacity and visibility for retrieval
TUSC® platform to enable TUSC® Control app
ActivRAC high density mobile system
Modes Of Operation

Our powered mobile electric shelving systems are reliable, fast, and safe. Users can activate system movement with the push of a button, and then enter the aisle as it opens. This versatile operation method helps users move thousands of pounds with a touchpad control, radio frequency remote, or the  TUSC® Control app.

Spacesaver High-Bay sweep safety features and rail
Safety Features

Concerned about safety? We are too. Our safety activation options – Photo Sweep® and aisle-entry sensors – will stop the carriage from closing upon recognition of an obstruction and back the mobile carriage away from the object. LED indicators will illuminate on both sides of the aisle to notify users where the safety was activated. In addition and to avoid property damage, overhead clearance is required for man-aboard order picker cab and overhead anti-tip.

highbay shelving system with collections
Planning & Design Support

The high-bay storage experts at Spacesaver are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and insights with architects, contractors, library professionals, and other project stakeholders. Schedule an AIA Off-Site Storage Course with us to help you design the best space for your use.

Go Behind the Scenes at These Off-Site Facilities

highbay storage system with collections
Western Michigan University Archive Collection

This University’s long-term goal was to find or build a permanent home that is secure, climate-controlled and easily accessible by the general public.

law enforcement evidence facility highbay storage
Warehouse Law Enforcement Evidence Facility

Spacesaver helps this sheriff’s office keep evidence organized and compactly stored.

University library highbay shelving system
University Library On-Demand & On-Site

See how Spacesaver's High-Bay library shelving prevailed when matched up against this library's robotic retrieval system.

Why Spacesaver?

For more than 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to securely protect the products they store and enable more efficient use of space. All our products are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and will stand the test of time. 

high-bay storage system with two people in a lift
  • Security, Quality, and Durability 
    Designed specifically for high-density off-site storage, Spacesaver’s XTend® High-Bay Storage System was the industry’s very first mobile high-bay storage system and remains the industry standard. Also available as static high-bay, it combines proven, best-in-class compact storage technology with well-established industrial-grade storage design concepts.
  • Increased Capacity
    Spacesaver’s off-site storage solutions provide users with the ability to store large volumes of materials or records off-site and still maintain appropriate access to them.
  • Cost Efficiency
    With the ability to easily fit in a smaller building envelope and footprint than other off-site storage options, the XTend system lowers your construction costs substantially. Offering lower life-cycle ownership costs than any other option, XTend systems significantly reduce your operating and energy expenses, too.
  • Local Expertise & Experience 
    With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space-planning assistance from knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians. 
AIA Presentation - Off-site Storage Solutions

Protecting and Preserving Materials for Civic, Public Safety and Higher Education Institutions with Off-Site Storage Solutions

This continuing education course explores strategies for safely and efficiently storing and providing access to these valuable materials in off-site facilities.