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Spacesaver’s personal storage lockers, gear bag lockers, and duty bag lockers keep law enforcement gear organized, secure, and accessible. We specialize in designing efficient spaces, so contact us while your facility is still in the early planning phases for assistance in planning locker rooms and storage areas.

Locker Trends

While the primary function of locker rooms is still to provide a place to prepare, many public safety facilities are finding new ways to make these spaces more comfortable and multi-purpose.

  • Unisex locker rooms. Rather than building entirely separate locker rooms for different genders, some police departments are opting to create one open locker room with separate changing rooms and bathrooms. This method saves space and allows personnel to interact and build camaraderie before and after shifts.
  • Electronic charging stations. Rather than create separately locked storage spaces where electronic equipment must be checked in and out before and after duty, agencies are building charging stations right into individual lockers for phones, radios, tablets, and more.
  • Air extraction. To get rid of that musty locker room scent, HVAC systems can be integrated into the lockers and pull odors out of the room.
  • Morale. It’s more important than ever for police departments to put an emphasis on building morale and decreasing officer burnout. A comfortable and well-appointed locker room provides a calm space for officers to prepare or wind down from a long shift.






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