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Improving Police Officer Locker Rooms

Designing for Comfort and Function

February 24th, 2021 - 3 min read

It’s a tough time to recruit new police officers, but there are ways to help ensure your police department is an appealing workplace. One of the best ways to improve the physical work environment is to invest in durable lockers that enhance officers’ comfort.

When leadership improves locker rooms to better meet officers’ needs, that sends a strong message that officers are valued. Here’s how three police leaders serving communities of different sizes made the most of their opportunity to design new locker rooms.

Features & Fit

Carbondale, Illinois – Population 25,600

When the Carbondale Police Department got funding for a new facility, lockers were the chief’s top priority. Their old building had cramped gym-style lockers that were a constant source of frustration for the officers.

Everything Officers need,
Where they need it

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freestyle personal police locker

The chief knew that durable, well-made lockers would boost officers’ morale and impress recruits. That’s why he worked with the nearby Spacesaver consultant to specify FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers that included:

  • Benches
  • Drawers
  • Charging ports
  • Shelves, hooks, and hanging rods
  • Sloped tops to maintain a clean look

By inviting Spacesaver to get involved early in the design process, he was able to design lockers that were sized right for officers’ gear and that fit perfectly into the space.

“Our goal was to make the lockers and other storage fixtures look like they were a part of the building. They were designed to be there from the beginning. When you do that, you get the solutions you need.”

– Jeff Grubbs, Carbondale Police Chief

police officer locker room
law enforcement bench vest drawer
law enforcement locker charging plugs
“What we liked about the Spacesaver lockers was that they gave us a great opportunity to design a locker with the officers in mind.”

– Ron Combs Deputy Chief of Police, Parker Police Department

Configured for Comfort

Parker, Colorado – Population 54,000

Parker, Colorado is a Denver suburb that has seen significant growth in recent years. When the department outgrew its old facility, the planning and design team for the new building involved officers in the design of the new and improved locker rooms to be sure they’d get what they needed.

Each police locker has plenty of hanging space for uniforms and street clothes, along with a separate drawer on the bottom with a specially-designed vest tray so bullet-proof vests can dry flat. Power outlets in each locker allow officers to charge their cell phones or portable radios, and a compartment for personal items locks separately to provide an additional layer of security. The lockers are even integrated with the building’s heating and cooling system for exceptional ventilation.

law enforcement locker room locker ventilation
police locker vented drawer storage bench
law enforcement police locker options

Specialized Storage

Salt Lake City, Utah – Population 200,000

The Salt Lake City Public Safety Building was designed to serve as a community hub by combining the police, fire, and emergency response departments in one location.

“We have so many different pieces of equipment that are all different shapes and sizes. It was a storage nightmare before. Working with Spacesaver we found the right way to store all of those items and it’s been a huge improvement.”

-Tim Doubt, Assistant Chief, Salt Lake City Police Department

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Officers use FreeStyle police lockers in various areas around the facility, including the SWAT team room, the employee fitness center, and the motorcycle garage. The lockers’ configurability was a huge selling point because of the officers’ specialized gear.

police motorcycle garage lockers

Police Motorcycle Garage Lockers

briefing room personal storage lockers

Swat/Briefing Room Lockers

fitness locker room public safety facility

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