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Small on space big on security

To comply with IAPE (International Association for Property & Evidence) best practices, high-security evidence, including weapons and narcotics, should be stored in a separate area with double-locked security. However, when you only have a small inventory of weapon and drug evidence, you may not need an entire separately locked room for these items. Our weapons evidence lockers and narcotics evidence lockers are designed specifically to handle smaller inventories of these items while keeping items organized, secure, and compliant with best practices.

Reduce & Eliminate Narcotic Odors

narcotics and weapon lockers

Narcotics Evidence Lockers

With louvered vents and the ability to be connected with your department’s HVAC system, the Narcotics Evidence Locker is designed to reduce and eliminate narcotics odors and improve the air quality of the surrounding environment. Designed for durability and security, the Narcotics Evidence Locker provides peace of mind that narcotics evidence is under lock and key.

Keep Weapons Safe & Secure


Weapons Evidence Locker

With durable steel construction, the WEL ensures that weapons are safe from damage, misplacement, or theft. To comply with double-security standards and seamlessly assist in tracking your chain of custody, the lockers offer multiple lock options. With a user-reconfigurable design, you have the flexibility to change the locker layout as your department’s needs change.

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