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Evidence arrives in all different shapes and sizes and requires different temporary storage needs. The same size locker deposit can be very limiting. Our experience tells us that typically two banks of evidence lockers with a variety of compartment sizes can provide the security and storage to ease any evidence room manager’s mind. Below, we’ve shared the most common locker configurations and the type of storage these combinations provide.


config1 config2 config3 config5
EVIDENCE NEED Config 01 Config 02 Config 03 Config 05
Long compartments for rifles and similarly-sized evidence
Refrigeration inserts for biological/DNA evidence
Add-on mail slot to store several small items in one spot
Smaller compartments for smaller evidence items
Wider compartment for larger items

Small Police Evidence Solutions

  • IMG_9995-35_corrected_1925
  • Long term evidence storage on mobile shelving at Bensalm Police Department
  • Secure file storage on powered mobile shelving at Bensalem Police Department
  • Long-term evidence storage on metal shelving at Bensalem Police Department
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A common weak link in the chain of custody of evidence is the interval from when evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected it until it’s able to be processed by the evidence technician.

Bensalem’s department utilizes a pass-thru solution, which means an officer never has to go in the evidence room.  The system is configured to store everything from a recovered wallet to large items such as stereo systems, and includes refrigerated lockers for biological evidence.

Evidence is then placed in a powered high-density mobile storage system for long-term storage. One of the added results of Bensalem’s new evidence storage solution is how it has helped with the accreditation process.

Locker Options

Lock Options

wall mounted gun locker digilock

Evidence lockers offer multiple locking options, depending on the needs of your agency. Standard lockers offer keyless, push-button locks, but can also be equipped with additional locking security systems.


Pass-thru evidence storage lockers

Pass-thru lockers are built into the wall, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another. A full-size rear door allows the evidence technician to efficiently remove items and reset the locker openings for use.


Non-pass-thru evidence storage lockers

Evidence is both deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors of non-pass-thru evidence lockers. Items can only be removed by authorized personnel with a specific key or code. 

Secure your chain of custody with temporary evidence lockers.

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