Sheet Music Storage in a Music Library

Sheet Music Storage in a Music Library

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The Benjamin F. Ward Music Library is a highly specialized “library within a library” that contains 50,000 sound recordings, 55,000 musical scores, and thousands of pages of sheet music. These items are usually larger than books, and they require unique storage solutions in order to provide accessibility for patrons and staff, protect the materials, and make smart use of available space.

Knowing that Spacesaver’s nationwide network of local design consultants specializes in creating library storage solutions, the librarians turned to their local Spacesaver representative to learn more about their options as they began planning the new space. Their storage solution includes compactors for LPs and other sound recordings, as well as custom shelving units configured for sheet music storage.

“To some people, shelves are shelves,” said one of the librarians. “But they aren’t.”

She offered this advice: “When your project is just starting out, get as many specific measurements as possible to the right person and keep checking the final documents to be sure they’re correct.” She added that a liaison between staff and the project architect is often helpful. “Make sure you’re working with a company that understands the specific, specialized needs of your materials. What works in the general collection doesn’t work for us.”

Read the full case study to see more photos, get more information, and read insights from the librarians who were responsible for planning this project.